I am not a criminal!

Coinbase (who knows more information about me then my mother and has had me as a customer since 2013) recently locked my account until I can give them all kinds of details about what I do with my money. I feel violated and like I have been treated like a criminal under investigation.

Maidsafe will no doubt attract criminals and the darknet crowd will be the primary user base just like they were during the early days of bitcoin.

My question is will I have to worry about the police knocking on my door someday because I use Maidsafe and farm safecoins?

You seem to be a masochist because you have chosen to continue that unhealthy relationship with Coinbase.

They won’t unless you advertise to the world you’ll be farming - oh, crap…

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Have a heart janitor. I’m devastated here. :cry:

I have - I expressed my outrage and appealed to you to terminate your relationship with them!

Seriously, they are known for that practice. I say fxxx them and their “practices”. If you’re a biz owner maybe you have no other choice (or no better choice - they’re all more or less terrible), but if this is for personal purpose, tell them to fxxx off and tell everyone about it.

I kind of overcame my resistance to Polo’s KYC/AML crap, but only because it requires no effort on my side (I didn’t have to do anything to become “compliant”), but I still resent it and I’ll leave them as soon as I find a better unregulated choice (or as soon as tighten the screws one more time).

Thank you for listening to me Janitor. I’m sorry for my earlier remark. You are the only one who is listening to me right now and I appreciate it. I feel so hopeless. I am not the rebellious type and I don’t want to put myself or family at risk even for such a wonderful thing as Maidsafe. I don’t know what to do.

Did you hear that example - Coinbase, of course - where a person located in the USA sent BTC to another person located in the USA and in the sender’s note there was a message thanking the receipent for language lessons in Cuban Spanish or something. Well, the recipient’s account got automatically suspended the moment that transaction got through because of that Cuba substring and although the misunderstanding was cleared the same day, the account couldn’t be reinstated for months because of an avalanche of crap that was triggered by that keyword

Long story short, you need to be patient, and once it’s all over, close the account and do some PR damage.

Bitcoin to me is just a means to an end and I hate what it has become for obvious reason. You are lot more knowledgeable/technical then me. What kind of risk do you think I am putting myself in by farming? How can I protect myself and family from crap like this. Is it to late for me?

I don’t know what happened (also, not a lawyer!) so I can’t tell you.

It sounds like you’re overracting. They probably just ask for some routine info (but as you live in a semi-totalitarian country, it probably freaked you out).

There’s nothing illegal about either buying or selling or farming MAID/SAFE. At least not yet.

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Below are the questions they asked me and maybe your are right and I am over reacting. But this is ridiculous to me.

To re enable your account, we respectfully request that you provide a detailed response to the following:

  • Describe the primary use of your Coinbase account. -
  • Detail the specific source(s) of funds for your purchase of bitcoin (e.g. occupation, investment income, etc.); please be as specific as possible. Any supporting documentation (e.g. your LinkedIn profile, if available) will help expedite the completion of this review.
  • Help us understand the nature of your incoming/outgoing bitcoin transfers and what service(s) are they are related to. (e.g. what bitcoin exchanges or services do you use to trade) -

Thanks janitor for calming me down and cheering me up. I actually laughed thru my tears from your statement above. I think I am one the few people who gets your sick sense of humor.


Those are routine questions in a semi-totalitarian society.
Tell the truth - for hobby, learning & socializing, and financed with pocket money. Bitcoin is required to purchase other coins at cryptoexchanges, and you don’t expect significant incoming or outgoing transfers from/to accounts you don’t own.
Of course if you have any other addresses not “hosted” by Coinbase, that’s your own business.

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