I am IMMUTABLE - Safe Blog App

Video works :boom: :boom:


Ha! That’s brilliant! :muscle:

Did you just add a media link in markdown?

[![alt text](safe://image)](safe://video)

how do you use firefox with safe xorurl?

That’s really cool! I bet mp3 audio will work the same too!

That markdown module on angular seems to.be pretty handy! I can’t take any credit for it, as I just feed in the markdown, but it is great that this sort of thing just works out of the box with sn_client.

Do you know if it streams or just downloads? I think it is probably just the latter atm, or at least from the Safe Network to the gateway. As you can tell, I’ve not done much experimenting other than getting the basic working! :grin:

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This is excellent. I am still struggling, I seem incapable of RTFMing correctly. Can you post your project directory structure, index.json files and the URLs you are using so I can try to work out what i am doing wrong?

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Will do, when I am back at computer.

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Thank you, Josh, appreciated :slight_smile:

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I feel as though I am fumbling through this so… please take this as such :slight_smile:.
I have not been using the index.json

safe node run-baby-fleming
safe keys create --test-coins --for-cli
safe files put ./upload/blog.md

blog.md example :point_down:

# My Blog

## Some text blah blah
### some more text blah blah blah

  1. new terminal
git clone https://github.com/traktion/i-am-immutable-docker.git
cd i-am-immutable-docker
docker pull codiate/i-am-immutable:latest
docker run --network host -t codiate/i-am-immutable:latest

use your baby-fleming genesis node ip :point_up_2:

  1. open your browser
    http://localhost:8080/blog/yourblog/article/the url from safe files put ./upload/blog.md exclude safe://

That should work.

I have not got the index.json to work for me but I am short on play time.
@dreamerchris this should answer your question.


Thanks Josh, once the ravening hordes are fed, I will run through this.

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I lied cos I’m impatient – thank you

work to do on the image and the link to the other article on Korean cuisine but we’ll get there :slight_smile:
thanks again @Josh and @Traktion


The yourblog/myblog should just be the location of the json index (safe url for it, minus the safe:// prefix). I create an NRS link to it to give it a friendly name and make it easy to update (while keeping the same name).

In the current version, the content of the json file should just be a list of article safe urls.

Edit: the format of the configuration will change in the next version, so more settings can be added. In this version, it is purely a json array though

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The safe urls are converted into gateway urls by the app. The app then requests these urls from the gateway. The gateway then converts them back to safe urls and pulls the data and returns it to the app.

So, in short, Firefox is just doing regular, non safe url requests to the gateway and the gateway talks to safe instead.


Nothing in downloads could it be elsewhere?
I’m not sure how it would work, is there a foolproof way to determine?

Not sure. If it was over a slow connection, it would be noticeable. It’s OK, I’ll do some testing. I don’t think it will be streaming atm.

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