I am funding Dev of a D.A.C. app SE^2

I want to the creation of a safe app running with elastic ether as a standardized system for D.A.C’s It will also be one. SE^2 will be programmed in the launch to accept and burn maidsafecoin for highest reward of equity.


Got some more information? It’s very unclear what you’re talking about.

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Well it back napkin level now but it will happen and become solidified with more details.

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Burn of MAID is an interesting idea. It will definitely prove seriousness like Counterparty did, I believe, but won’t affect safecoin farming. Actually should improve farming as there will be more there unclaimed to farm.

Looking forward to seeing it fleshed out.


Ewe I for got I made this topic guess I have been prolific sorry mods.
Kinda started topics before forming coherent presentations of ideas.

The bees are buzzing topic is where I am most coherent on this subject I believe.

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