Hypocrisy on Suspension of Sander's Jewish Advisor

Posting anything on Facebook may have gotten her in trouble but the message itself is severely ironic.

It seems Hillary got in trouble with her emails and for saying similar things about the Right side Israeli government and PM. It was apparently so vitriolic it needed to be classified because it would cause the US people to put two and two together on the Bush-Israeli involvement in 911- its literally the most credible explanation I’m aware of. Also we have the Israeli PM coming over and bad mouthing the US President to Congress. The American people clearly don’t like the Israeli right side government, and if the 911 stuff is true their sentiment is validated. They don’t agree with the settlements either, but they likely aren’t familiar with the spoils of war argument either. But now it seems Hillary who lost her presidential bid last time may have been told by both Israel and the Saudis that they would buy the election for her if she supports their anti Iran agenda.

One the one hand its reasonable not to want to stoke genocidal resentment against Jews over what an ultra right government did and is doing but to rule out anything critical being said because it might offend puppetized US media, is totally unacceptable.