Hulk Hogan verdict and media chilling effects

not sure where to put this

but this is yet another example where safenetwork will provide a safe space for news media


You think this is news?

I do. It is very contentious due to the impact on US media reporting.

You think someone’s sex life is news?

Did you read what I wrote?

They deserved to get sued.

I understand what you are saying but using this story as an example of why the SAFE Network is needed is horrible reasoning.

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Given it’s such a landmark case in terms of the size of the fine for the situation it could well put publishers off publishing stories in future for fear of being sued. I’d say that does make safenet relevant. :confused: It’s not about this case, it’s about future cases that we might not hear about because of this case, and the fact that safenet might keep those doors open.

Crazy story, what a racist scumbag… can’t believe he got $140M when he should be being punished for racism, not rewarded for having his dirty laundry aired.



I understand what you are saying but using this story as an example of why the SAFE Network is needed is horrible reasoning.

It would have been better if you’d just said this in the first place. Much clearer, less likely to be seen as dismissive. It’s a valid point of view and now we can see that. I still disagree. No problem.

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I think he’s using the event (huge fine for media company) rather than the story (hulk hogan sex and racism) as his example… this is probably where the confusion is coming from :).

The devil is in the details.

And I should have explained myself better.


Rofl gawker literally created a stalker app . even shitty news channels don’t consider gawker “news”

they have been treading on the line or sometimes taking huge leaps over the lines of decency and news for many years now and people have been predicting that them screwing up as an eventual end of gawker for many many years now.

Yes the safenetwork would give protection to someone anonymously posting such things, but if a news channel switched over to the safenetwork , they could still be sued if they had their name attached to it .

Posting this anonymously also doesn’t include the whole bullshit that gawker likes to inject into anything they get their hands on, it would most likely not be posted by a business like they posted stories about the Female nudes that were posted as being truly disguising and the people who did so should be charged, or locked in cells to rot . being hugely hypocritical pieces of shit that when the genders reverse the core principles are flipped 180 and used to incite anger and aggression and demand punishment.


I’d never heard of Gawker before today. but they do sound awful. I feel a bit better about the fine now at least, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Slur on SAFE plus Tor. There has to be a way to turn states and corporations transparent to check and limit their power. This isn’t a luxury its survival, its literal life and death for all of us. How many of us accept all this rash of terrorist stuff as anything more than an attempt to manipulate elections and give power to crack down artists because thieves are scared by rising socialism? That stuff needs the shill based sponsored media to censor and spin everything. What everyone else needs is a way to get accurate information that matters.