HUGE! 'Hello World': Blockstream Satellite to broadcast Bitcoin to the entire planet

… literally huge :slight_smile:

99% world wide bitcoin satellite network by end 2017

Could this be repurposed as a SAFEnetwork world wide mesh network? I think so, because they are using GNUradio which runs on standard hardware.


Sorry these cannot

Ground stations called teleports uplink the public Bitcoin blockchain
data to the satellites in the network, which then broadcast the data
across the globe.

They are mostly one way (Sat β€”>> ground) and the Satellites get their info from the centralised gound stations that update the blockchain contained in the Satellite

Oh and in geo-orbit (very high orbit) means they would be VERY slow even if everyone could communicate directly with the satellites. 1/4 - 1/2 second lag times

Wasn’t SpaceX going to have 800+ satellites in low earth orbit to create internet infrastructure with low lag/ping times.

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Isn’t this a chicken and egg problem though? Why would they need this expensive solution if they are in those areas anyway and without Bitcoin in the first place? And why would you need a dedicated satellite?