Hi, I’m Nic a vintage Dutch/Norwegian/Indonesian who started like some others before the internet with basic, CPM, Apple Liza. After the mess with Wikileaks and Snowden, I concluded we needed a serverless encrypted solution. I even designed an app for complementary money including messaging and voting. Having no resources that died. I was also an early bird with BTC but unfortunately because of a turbulent time in my life “lost” my well filed wallet. (Shit happens as you know). I got to know MaidSafe through the NVO ICO and the shit that followed when the idiot Imed, who hijacked the project had his insane dispute with you guys on btctalk. Safenet is more valuable for humanity than the often overhyped blockchain. Not that it has not it’s place, but in many instances it is overkill.
Well, here it is, the ultimate solution for the future and I’m happy to be part of it and will sure deploy it in a positive way.

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