HowTo: Move your MAID from an exchange (Poloniex before January 30th, 2020)

Personally I use btc core wallet.
You can create a pub address and export the pvt address without it having downloaded the blockchain.
It also has a built in feature allowing you to create a password to unlock the wallet.
You can also export the wallet.dat file containing all your keys to store on usb, which will also need the password to unlock.

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Get well soon, Sascha


I moved my MAID to hitbtc and immediately upon sending MAID to that exchange I lost access to my MAID. I can’t withdraw or exchange. Then, I assumed I just needed to verify my account, which I did.

Now they tell me they are not servicing U.S citizens. So I have access to nothing.

They should let you withdraw them, open a support ticket, but I have heard bad things about their customer services, just keep at them, and best of luck. It is not an exchange many would reccomend.
If you do gain access, chainrift ( depending on ur state (check first)) or bittrex international are active exchanges.


I would recommend that you tell them that you will sue them. And please keep us informed about development.

Personally, I think that if Poloniex and HitBTC steal from the users, their addresses should be excluded from turning MAID in to SAFE…


I added a Trezor affiliate link to the guide :dragon: If you want to see for what the affiliate money will go for you can see this topic:

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First of all thanks @dimitar for the great effort put in to make this guide!

There are few things that I have not yet fully understood though, perhaps someone can give me some guidance?

  1. The guide says “The only hardware wallet that allows you to work directly with MAID to date is Trezor.” Does this suggest using:

a) - The “standard” Trezor wallet (which afaik does not have a “MAID specific” UI for sending and receiving MAID, but does indeed display a bitcoin UI and recipient adress which I guess is what the guide refers to)?


b) - is this the suggested wallet to use by the guide? It is also the wallet that Trezor lists on their homepage for MAID on their page.

  1. If the answer to the first question is to use the “standard” wallet and simply use its bitcoin interface to receive the MAID, how can I later send my MAID from that adress? When reading this forum post it seems like getting the private key for the used adress is not that easy? Has this changed in any way, and if not does anyone have a recommended way of getting the private for the adress?

Thanks a lot once again, and sorry if I have missed some detail when reading about this.



You need to use omnitrezor once you want to move the funds. Either site should be fine for receiving the coins (they should display the same address)

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Hello @bitbittyhepp,

I added a detailed guide in the first post for Trezor. :dragon:


It is good chance to move maid from poloniex to wallet. Because there is no price of maid in poloniex, anyone can withdraw all of maid at once without limitation of daily withdrawal amount.


Can the trezor one function ok…60 euro seems reasonable for something easy and secure?

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Yes, my model is Trezor One :dragon_face:

Please use the referral link from the first post, 12% will go to help more people find SAFE!


Yup I see the ref link will duly use :slightly_smiling_face:


@drehb thanks for your answer!
@dimitar thanks for making the guide even better!


I don’t have a Trezor, but I believe there are a couple limitations to be aware of in the Trezor one:

  • Can’t enter pass phrase on the device
  • Some new features like Shamir secret sharing (splitting up seed) not implemented

Yes, but you can use a computer to insert the Seed. The program (the omniwallet web site) gives you a list of words and you can click on them, so even if you have a keylogger it will be difficult for them to take you Seed… Plus, your Trezor device tells you when to enter a word in shuffled order.


Hi again, I remember reading something about someone having trouble with sending their MAID and that segwit was mentioned in the conversation was mentioned a few days back. I could not find that thread again, but what I did find was this support ticket for which mentions that it seems to work with segwit only.

So assuming this is true and that segwit adressess are the way to go perhaps the trezor section in the guide should say explicitly that one should NOT use the “legacy adresses” (in other words the non segwit adresses) in to later be able to send MAID using .

Note that I have not confirmed this myself.


I can confirm the problem. I tested with “Legacy account” (address starts with “1”) and can’t send MAID from that address. I updated the guide. 1 MAID is burned forever :wink:

Thank you for the info friend :dragon:


Great! Well for now I hope you can live with that :slight_smile: In the future if 1 MAID ever make it worth the hassle, as you might have read in this comment, it seems like moving the MAID using the bitcoin wallet from a legacy address to a segwit address will fix the problem and make it possible to send the MAID using


I have all my maid on paper wallet with legacy address. I never tried to move it, so how you mean legacy address is not working?