How would YOU market the SAFE Network to the general public?


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Close but no cigar.

The link is Michael Biehn. He played Kyle Reese in The Terminator (Skynet) and Corporal Hicks in Aliens (Nuke from orbit… etc).


I remember when the team mentioned colaboration with the creator of www. Tim Berners Lee it is regarding the SOLID project , I really hope the managment at SAFE will try to involve Tim in much more ways, this is a huge marketing opportunity as he is so well known in the Tech world and have many followers, maybe as an ambassadeur of SAFE? this can only benefit SAFEnet.


Tim has his own vision and much of his energy is focused on Solid, so it’s not realistic to imagine him switching to evangelising SAFE (not least because it takes time to understand and get on board with) in the short term at least. Maybe once it has proven itself, but that’s not what we’re talking about in this topic.

The value is from synergy with Tim’s existing goals and vision, which overlap substantially with the goals and vision of SAFE - that is about as good as it gets IMO. :slight_smile:

To that end I believe both projects are willing to work together where they can, and to help each other. This has already been happening in small ways as you probably know. Along the way, trust and understanding builds, and who knows where that can lead.


I don’t know where Maidsafe sees themselves fitting on the world technology stage. There may be many opportunities for the Safenet to prove itself as the ideal solution to a problem. But trying to make a case to be many things to many people (as has been suggested here) will be impossible and bankrupt the company. Pushing solutions that are widely available by multiple vendors does not place Maidsafe as a disruptor or a leader, but only as just another option and as a lacklustre follower.

Finding that sweet spot - a broad market for that single most desirable Safenet product/service - is the key to its success.


have a look at this Open Bazaar thread on Reddit:

We face the same problem as many in this area.

@beermenow is absolutely correct.

The question was; How would you market SAFE to the general public?

The general public does not really care about privacy, security, anonymity, they don’t.

Concerns in this area are changing though, this is clear. But not fast enough.

Where we differ though, where I think we will get the most bang for our buck and hit those marketing fire hydrants and potentially go “viral” is we will have an incentive for simply participating in the network. I think this is our greatest asset in marketing to the general public.

Who doesn’t like money? What person in the general public couldn’t do with a few extra bucks?

If we can focus our efforts on telling the general public that they can download a piece of software, connect their every day device, dedicate some resources and earn Safecoin you just watch it grow. That’s almost inevitable. there are very few things that are as enticing as money, sex is up there.

This would be a type of first level marketing.

Once you build a base of these general public farmers you educate them and remind them that more data means more requirement for their resources which means more Safecoin for all. It’s likely they will then start promoting the SAFE net themselves, it’s certainly not unlikely, that’s for sure.

We have no idea what kinds of monetary gains farmers will be able to make from the network but we know they will be rewarded and I think we stick to that and hammer that home.

Adding to this - an important point, lets not forget that many people missed the mining bandwagon because mining became too expensive so there is already a large group of people out there that know what mining is but that cannot partake in it. With farming, they can participate. We just need to tell them.

Once you have these farmers on the network, they’ll naturally begin to use the network themselves, and hopefully also like I said above, start promoting it.

Anyone can “mine” Safecoin.
Safecoin can be “mined” on any device.
If you already have a computer or laptop, ZERO investment is required.
“Mining” can be done from anywhere where there is an Internet connection.
The software does it all for you, it is point and click.


I disagree. I think most users nowdays worry about privacy and security. Not sure about anonymity though.

Corporations certainly care about security. Politicians absolutely care about security - no one wants elections, senators web sites etc getting hacked. Governments dont want foriegn interference. They like security too. I think if Maidsafe team is smart enough, the upcoming mid terms will absolutely have network security related issues, news headlines etc. Perhaps start marketing materials, PR firms, articles ready. Not to sell the product but just use those opportunities to bring awareness to a network like Maidsafe (most secure network being built etc) - just to create user interest/excitement/awareness.


I’m not disagreeing with you. That is why I said concerns are change.

So I probably should of expanded on that.

With emphasis on the “really”.

People care about all sorts of things.

A great example is weight and health.

We in the west die prematurely and of preventable diseases. Heart disease is the #1 killer. And yet look at our obesity rates.

And yet we’d agree that people in general do care about their health. Right? So then why don’t they do anything about it?

Psychology, genetics, lack of time, so on and so forth. We could discuss this to infinity and back and not find the solution. I would say similar of this issue. People don’t really care. Sure they do care, but not really, not enough to make a lasting change.

Its the same with Privacy and security. They care to a point. But try getting them to change their behavior without the help of trained psychologists and even then you will struggle.

There are many reasons for why people do not change. Again a discussion for another time but I think a lot of it has to do with us being wired to take the path of least resistance.

So to clarify, I agree, more people now care about their privacy and security than they ever have and it continues to grow. But they don’t care enough to change anything where we can use that to our advantage unfortunately.


I think I might be getting to where I feel and/or understand the reason for data that has once been made public to be stored forever as a feature of the Safe Network itself. I guess for me the crucial point is the fact that somebody else will be doing it anyway, just like they are now. With the storing forever being done by the Safe Network itself, at least the playing field will be level. Everybody will have access to those drunken selfies as well as the great inventions, not just those who can afford it like Google or Microsoft can now.

I don’t think marketing this feature will be easy. Mostly because people generally don’t understand it’s already happening. But regardless of whether we call it “marketing” or just general information, this feature should be clearly and thoroughly explained.

I don’t remember so well, but I think I liked this book when I read it:

Does anybody feel like recommending some other literature touching on the subject?

How does SAFE stop censorship?

Guys - just look at Komodo token marketing - they are having infographic contests. - folks coming up with great repsentation of advantages of the network etc - then they hired , i believe, the firm - Ideas by Nature - the blockchain marketing firm. I know MAIDSAFE is not a vlockchain by that firm is doing some really good sstuff. Imp to engage a firm like that Once Maidsafe has an internal amrketing strategist. I like infographic contests too - and the voting is based on re-tweets etc - so eveyone is encouraged to spread the word out.

Need to spread awareness of Maidsafe network in a pristine way.


Looks like an interesting read. It’s on my list!


These students are the future farmers on the SAFE Network, they just don’t know it yet.



Rent seekers are trying to use their property to turn everyone else into property. If people don’t want to fall victims to (e g. attempts to reduce wages to get unecessary debt up to assert tyrranous control) they need to have an unfettered means of communication.



People ARE the means of production. They don’t need to own you…just control you.

SAFE can give access beyond the droning pulse of the mockingbird media.

Rhetorical question: who exactly are the people trying to assert control?

When people finally wake up to the upside-down reality, SAFE won’t need tons of aggressive marketing. They’ll just have to make themselves visible to the multitudes running from the status quo.


I also think once the marketing team is in place - they should write a detailed article every 2 weeks - some like a “decentralized internet” series. or “decentralized data” series. Each episode (accompanied with a written piece) should cover one topic and explain current approaches and how SAFE is approaching the problem. Kind of an educational thing rather than a sales pitch. Those generally go better with the readers.



Great idea. Marketing at this stage all about making SAFE synonymous with its core concepts. It may seem repetitive but you keep it fresh by finding new angles, using different formats, relating it to news stories etc, there’s always an interesting way to push the message.


How about just marketing each available service.

  1. Jams


as they come.


…good thought but not sure it that will be powerful though. It may dilute it and seem like an advertisement for Apps. I, personally, wouldnt go that route unless we had a ground breaking App to demonstrate.

Agree with JPL here - perhaps, best to stay close to the theme - market/write about SAFE core concepts, distinctiveness, pros/cons compared to other competing/standard technologies - and produce it like a series - so folks are looking for the next article in the series. I like it the way the ENIGMA team is doing it - they have a series on ‘decentralization’ and release an article every week as part of it. Very powerful. If nothing else, people see repeated articles spread across the web sphere.


Totally agree with this approach @gsingh2000, and it’s also something we’ve been discussing recently within the team - would love to get stuck into this as soon as possible :+1:


Just to note the Tor Project’s Mission Statement: “To advance human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open anonymity and privacy technologies, supporting their unrestricted availability and use, and furthering their scientific and popular understanding.”