How would Ripple/Bitcoin et al work over MaidSafe?

Ripple/Bitcoin et al rely on proof of work/stake/etc systems. Ripple relies on consensus. They use differing methods to scale out over the traditional internet architecture, which is inherently insecure.

How would these technologies work running over a MaidSafe architecture? Would they need to undergo complete redesign to remove redundancy? Since MaidSafe already supplies the secure/p2p/scaling part.


— An ignorant non-techie


I think it wouldn’t be that cool if they fully switched to SAFE. There’s a lot of messages going over these networks. Would slow the network down with that old clunky blockchain I think ;-). I think with Safecoin we have something far better and faster. Another option would be to just use SAFE for storage of blocks and do the P2P part just like they do know. But the longer I think about it the more I ask myself why would we want a blockchain on SAFE? Something sort like it should be possible like a transaction system or something like that. An App to connect to Ethereum would be cool I think. But just as a light client. Maybe they could run an App to connect to SAFE.


No worries, as you point out these are all different projects with different protocols and data structures. So they appear to be able to work together well and may be able to interoperate via open API’s, but not cleanly.

I suspect bridges first, integrations later in terms of technically connecting such projects. For the time being all the tech is to young to have deep integrations. Although never predict the future, it’s to hard :slight_smile:

TL;DR Yes they can interoperate, but not easily :wink:


Thank you, that’s a bit clearer. I think it’s important to consider as we have the upcoming internet “of things” movement, which requires the internet “of value”, which seems to be heading towards something like Interledger, so that all value ledgers can interoperate seamlessly whether blockchain based or a bank’s private ledger system.

So when I looked into MaidSafe, then stumbled into SafeCoin, I wondered if this “coin” could also work fluidly with these other valuer systems e.g. through Interledger, for now. Until, as you say, they are better integrated within MaidSafe (assuming the project’s success) in future.


I think SC will make many other coins/solutions redundant.

I’m no techie, so correct me if i’m wrong anyone (happens way too often for my liking ;)), but blockchains have scalability issues that chainless consensus does not. Safenet scales positively and safecoin beats blockchain based solutions for volume, speed, fees, without any silly waste-of-resources like mining.

From where I’m sitting it looks like most of those other coins should fall by the wayside rather than end up integrated, but as David says, who can predict the future? Iota are also doing cool things with chainless consensus, that might open doors for other solutions/competitors in the ‘medium of exchange’ markets too.

There will always be a place in my heart for BTC, and many others like me I’m sure… XRP… meh :wink:


Ripple isn’t PoW.
Everyone (not just Ripple) relies on consensus.