How will the network not be debased to some kind of "smugglers paradise"

I have many questions (and reservations) regarding the network. Just going to start with throwing out one - If the project comes to fruition one day and is released into the wilds is it not possible -or indeed highly likely- that drug markets , child pornographers, and terrorism cells will be drawn to use the network?

Or a bit less severe say lot’s of people competing for traffic in order to distribute the latest game of thrones episode. I think i read that de-duplication? would work wonders in reducing unneeded copies flying about so not necessarily a storage issue - What i mean is people would be uploading all the latest media free of charge for download. Now putting aside any political/ ethical stance on copyright, in the real world there are powerful players and their lobbied governments that would go to drastic lengths to not allow this. When it turns out there are drug/ porn markets trading safecoin as well as say chat rooms dedicated to something extreme like group suicides (yes i know maybe a bit extreme but you get my point) I find it hard to see how this would be allowed. I’m guessing the response given would be they have no choice? I understand this but not coming from a tech perspective i am inclined towards thinking/ worrying there would be methods to bringing down the network.

Briefly on a slight tangent a related question - would people say rushing to build a following on the network in order to distribute illegal/ copyrighted content be inevitable, especially if say the safecoin was on an upward trajectory in value? Am i right that the person that uploads that leaked game of throne episode and has the traffic would be rewarded handsomely by the network??

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