How will Safecoin be traded?

How would we buy and sell when network is alive?
Only on the network or cryptoExchanges too?


Welcome to the forum, indeed Safex and probably not very different from BTC, MAID and LTC today. On different exchanges.


I love the idea of SafeEx, however I wonder if we are basically giving SafeEx a monopoly? Would it be technically possible to have a means to convert SAFEcoin back into MAIDSAFE tokens without such being a centralized system? I.e. would it be possible to build-in such an exchange into the network?

MAIDSAFE tokens being technically exchangeable anywhere without the need to run SAFEnet.

I would expect the various exchanges to also have a SAFE node and be able to trade in SAFEcoin.

While not decentralised it does allow people to exchange SAFEcoin into other coin/fiat and the other way around.

But to transfer into MAIDsafecoin would be no different to another coin, it would require some sort of exchange, When we exchange MAID into SAFEcoin someone/bot has to send SAFEcoin to the SAFE address supplied and “lockup” the MAID sent.


ah, I get it now. Thanks for explaining.