How will Safecoin be exchanged for other (crypto)currencies?

As I understand, the Safe Network will be isolated from the clearnet. That leaves me wondering how fiat and cryptocurrency systems will be able to interface with the Safe Network in order to implement an exchange, for example, where Safecoin can be traded for BTC, ETH, US$, etc. In the case of Bitcoin, will it be possible to connect to the Bitcoin network?

I am just beginning to explore these technologies, so please excuse my ignorance. Any insights are much appreciated.

The Safe Browser keeps the user isolated from the ‘clear web’, but any computer can connect to both, and the BTC, ETH or other networks, so there are no barriers if people want to build their own interfaces. But those interfaces break the privacy and decentralisation of Safe, so people need to be aware of that when using such services.


I see. So any exchange would require a central point where such an interface between Safe and other networks resides.

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Yep, no different than other cryptocurrencies in that respect.

And I’m guessing that existing crypto exchanges would be keen to implement such interfaces once Safe gains traction. It will be interesting to see.