How will quantum computers effect the SAFE Network and Safecoin?

Would the advent of quantum computers make the network and coin more secure or less, or not have any effect on security? Would there be any other considerations related to quantum computers that should be entertained?

gotta remember there are all types of encryption methods,

some very vulnerable to quantum computers, others hardly vulnerable at all.

I think this was asked before and it was explained that SAFE uses the safer ones, which were chosen for these reasons


But let us remember that nothing will keep us safe from SI if its coming- if it takes an interest it may social hack it all to pieces and lock us out-no more encryption tech for man kind.


I’m in the camp that believes humanity won’t be able to resist merging itself with it, and so that would just mean that SI creates much better encryption that SI couldn’t break :slight_smile:

So basically nothing changes.
Mankind will = superintelligence. Evolution.

Why would we create something and then just sit by and not make full use of it? Just sit at the sidelines and wait for it to take over everything? I don’t think that’s in anybody’s nature. Already got “cyborgs” (prosthetics)

I tend to see it benovolent too as I think its already every where, but the thought of a rebooted infantile offshoot subjected initially to the imprint of human immaturity (political control ideology) lends some Frankenstein.

Well, the humanity becomes billionsfold more intelligent / mature through the merge

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