How will MaidSafe compete with Swarm?

Eventually they will focus their attention on developing Swarm and Whisper, with the news and network effect Ethereum is already getting won’t it be difficult for MaidSafe to compete?

Edit: Apologies if my questions came off as overly critical of MaidSafe. Just trying to find out more about the technology and maybe make a few bucks in the long run while I’m at it.

They’re both trying to reach the same goals, but are different at the same time. Ethereum as being a decentralized computer that runs scripts on which all nodes agree on the outcome. Maidsafe more focused on storage and decentralized storage like websites etc. If there’s an App on Ethereum to store data, great. If Safenet is providing datastorage and security great as well. Both have the opportunity to run Apps. So we can even expect some bridges when Devs jump on it. Ethereum has a strong network effect but for the average user the software can still be complicated to use. They said themselves that first releases are for the more technical people. So we have to wait for all of them (Maidsafe, StorJ, Ethereum, IPFS) to see what’s in store. And I think all people interested have their own attraction to one of them.

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SAFE is the only one that promised to be an internet replacement. Really a hijacker in its first phase. It does to the sponsored bs portion of the net what solar with batteries does to oil.


One thing that people tend to get hung up on when thinking of Safe is that it is an app or a company like dropbox or Storj.

I like to think of Safe more as a protocol. I try to explain to people that Maidsafe the company created a new internet protocol/network called the SAFE network. I don’t think the network is focused just on file storage and/or privacy, those are just features it happens to provide.

The Safe Network is competing with the way data is stored, transported and accessed, essentially it is competing with (or an alternative to) the structure and function of the entire current internet as a whole.

I think any other project or company is not necessarily a competitor, but an alternative, and I think we will find more often than not that they can find value in integration with SAFE and vice versa. As people continue to figure out how to use the network to its full potential, we are going to see some amazing things happen.


Safe network is much better suited to data storage. Using a blockchain model for any real time, fine grained, data storage is going to have limits by design which safe net will not.


Exactly my thoughts. In my opinion ethereum just isn’t as scalable and I also think safe will end up being faster and more efficient in a myriad of ways. Many of these things are just features, I also see the network as a modernized, resilient, and secured Internet protocol.


I may be wrong but although Ethereum guys may be the one’s developing Swarm, it’s not built on the blockchain. I guess we’ll find out soon, the devs announced the release of a paper soon.

I want so badly to be on board with MaidSafe; however, I’m hesitant if a nearly identical system is being developed by Ethereum guys.

Do they include all the same encryption layers, self-authentication, self-encryption, DNS etc.?

What I understand is that it uses the blockchain for requesting proof of resource and micropayments and IOU’s. They also focus on sharing bandwidth, like paying someone to use an x-amount of bandwidth. They might have the same goals but the technology is quit different IMO.

Are you a coder or something? Or just interested in these technologies? I’m very interested in SAFE but that doesn’t mean I can’t watch a presentation about Swarm (as I did some months ago). It’s all open and free technology. Great to see all these projects pop up.


The Trooners easily have my vote! :slight_smile:


exactly the reason I made these websites, to show people what SAFE is intended to be used for (not just a dropbox thing:)


Here is an interesting read on ethereum:

An expectation to test is that we can still have a decentralized computation, and consensus that could be real time.

If we are the case that terms can be understood verified, and passed along at a near instant rate,

Something like an easy example: a dice betting app, on ethereum will take 20 seconds to roll the dice (can try it)

Whereas on the SAFE Network we could expect that dice roll to clear within a second, and hopefully less into the Milliseconds to clear it, and we shall see.


Having 28 nodes agree is always going to be faster than waiting for 1000s of nodes to agree. Moreover, as soon as consensus in these small groups is reached, the output can immediately be fed into another.

The safe net will be populated with many, small, asynchronous groups. This is vastly superior to a single, large, synchronous group (I.e. A blockchain). It is what makes safe net so exciting!


I think that all these companies that have spent millions and millions developing apps to utilize the blockchain and are experiencing sub-par results due to the time and size restrictions, among other issues, are going to do a giant face palm when they see how the SAFE network is structured! LOL!

The nice thing is that the API will hopefully make switching over easy as pie! (and fast as hell!)

The cool thing is that people using these apps don’t even need to be aware that they are using the network as a backend…it will just happen!


Thanks a lot for sharing!!! I wasn’t sure if my perception of ethereum is correct or not … but now I feel like my impression was 100% correct :smiley:

Etherum is brilliant … for some purposes … but not for everything :worried:


No, he’s a teenager with 43 euros in his pocket who happens to be a foremost expert in cryptocurrencies and cryptoinvesting.

he asked questions :wink: meaning he doesn’t think of him as being a foremost expert but wants to learn - that might be something different - but i’m not 100% sure about it :confused:

Just interested in the technologies trying my best to pick the winning horse. Thanks for the response though. It seems like everyone is so wrapped up in Ethereum at the moment that some of these other technologies are getting bypassed.

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Don’t worry janitor, I automatically assume anyone critical of what I think as being a teenager as well.


I think the ethereum guys are planning to use IPFS and stopped the development of Swarm. Maybe they want to add some “incentive layer” on top of it, to make sure people keep storing the data, but it would probably work via the ethereum blockchain, so there SAFE seems to be superior. I also wonder if you can get problems hosting illegal file on IPFS. (In SAFE, the narrative goes, you won’t get problems (involuntarily) hosting even public illegal files, and I am still curious if this will turn out to be true…)