How will just 1 decentralised internet become the standard?

So after rewatching Silicon Valley, I’ve been doing a little bit of research into all the different types of distributed/decentralised “internets” that are around today and are being developed. I’ve been on a few of these networks and I have seen many users on all of the ones I’ve looked at.

My question is: since there are so many people using all the different networks how do you think any single “new Internet” could eventually become the “standard”?


Why does there need to be one standard?

If I had to try to answer, i guess.

  1. simple onboarding
  2. anonymous
  3. reasonably priced and user friendly
  4. tech proven in the wild

You can name other projects and compare it.

Than you will see, that others are not that complex or for different use case or not that secure and private.

People from TOR can switch for better speed
People from torrent sites, cloud storage can switch for security and privacy
People from social networks, can switch for security, privacy and owning own files.
People around world can use SafeCoins for anonymouse free transactions backed by data.

Some basic comparison with TOR:


The key thing you want to look for in addition to ‘ticking those boxes’ is returns to scale. In addition to the regular network adoption effects, SAFE is likely to have good technical properties: With more participants, SAFE will be more secure etc. I imagine that the final outcome will be a power law of one leader, a few strong, and many small niche use networks etc.


For Safe to become “the one”, scaling, anonymity, & permanent storage are the keys.

I won’t detail why these keys break other networks - including the clear-net, but if you put some imagination into it and consider where much of the money goes in the clear-net, you’ll put two and two together I think.


Adoption by big tech firms.

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I don’t think adoption by big tech firms should be the criterion… I think SAFE strips them of much of their power. They will come kicking and screaming because SAFE is where their users went. But in SAFE they won’t be able to dictate terms.

Still Id like to see FB knocked around. I think it should be told it has to erase user data and delink if they ask and that they need user permission revocable and default opt in to sell data (and the user should get most of the money in the transaction) and that user data must be exportable freely and easily by the end user and also told that non users need to be able to browse the whole site and not be bothered to sign up and should be able to turn off ads permanently without with a single switch without having to mess with settings and that cookies can be denied without restrictions and that privacy can’t be weakened and that terms cannot change without watchdog backed explicit end user permission and if they don’t like it the execs can spend the rest of their lives in prison and have their assets seized (even those in tax havens) and made forfeit and the investors fully divested for zero dollars because F… big corporations because as society if we don’t like them or they don’t serve us or impinge we should be able to destroy them with relative ease. I’d also like to see tools that allow us to force them to forfeit substantial percentage points of annual profit a decade at a time and take such monies retroactively and prospectively. They should understand that if they damage the public interest they will suffer severe penalties both civil and criminal and the damage will pierce the corporate veil and may include revocation of the charter and liquidation and forfeiture if investor monies. And if they get caught trying to bribe or sponsor our representatives they will do minimum life in solitary with immediate full asset confiscation and permanent forfeiture. This is called skin in the game. In some cases we should just immediatly injunct- shut their power off and red tag their facilities- no one comes to work while things get settled. Money is not speech! Corporations are persons! And corporations don’t have rights! Call them sleights but not rights.

But some corporations like Tesla are constructive- leave the good organizations alone, just hit the repeat offender corporate criminals, the ones with criminal culture and intent. If they are ‘profit first’ the c-suit clowns should be in jail, no more corporate psychopaths- they need to all be social benefit organizations or they need prosecution.


Like always, it is about the convenience, ease of use and user experience.

It doesn’t matter if it is the best of technologies, if it is a pain in the ass to set it up, configure it and maintain it.

Making sure it’s underlying technology is the best while making its user experience a breeze will own the market.