How we might market a DBC’s (Digital Bearer Certificate) Unique/Cash-like features

They aren’t separate as noted, and even if they were it’s no good having something underneath that’s anonymous if what you build on it isn’t. They have to work together.


I still trust you but I don’t understand why you have to build this new DBC feature and how you think it will not take critical resources. Can’t someone else build it later?

I feel like you are moving the goalposts of the originational specifications.

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I trust you guys and this is all OK. But be ready for a big uphill battle if you want to market this to the general public.

Maybe the functionality will be so fantastic that anyone who uses it will see right away why this is so great.


DBC’s in itself isn’t a feature that the general public needs to know about, the implementation of DBC’s will help the network and Safecoin to do the things it should do better if I’m correct.


That’s great! Thank you.

The title of this thread is “how to market DBC”. I just assumed that marketing was to the public. Are we really marketing to someone else?

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Agreed. Knowledge of DBCs is only important for third party devs who might build something with the functionality that users will find valuable and easy to use once skinned with convenient UXD. Those end products should be marketed to end users.

That being said, how should DBC be marketed to devs (and technocrats)?

In sum: end products should be marketed to end users; functional capabilities should be marketed to developers.


IF (and its a big if) I understand correctly - we now potentially have a mechanism which will allow ordinary folks to use a token with the convenience and anonymity of cash but with the security of crypto.

Aaand we get to explore its early adoption RIGHT NOW, because we have a few remaining development issues to fix that are most efficiently tackled by a subset of our engineers, thus freeing up others to work on the highly desirable but not absolutely essential right this minute for MVP, DBCs.

If I have this right, we are in a very good place.

Awaiting the corrections of my optimistic assertions above…


Fully agree with Sotros in that “marketing” DBCs or some other technical aspect of the future Safe Network won’t be what marketers will be thinking about when marketing to the general public, and I would guess it won’t be what the average punter is saying to her mates either about the place.

It’ll surely instead be something like: “Hey, you can get that movie for free if you download this new browser thing”, or something about free coins that can actually be exchanged for stuff of value, if we manage to seed the network early with watchable readable listenable stuff (something forum members with large media collections and some maidsafecoin stashed away might consider).

In marketing to developers, I think being straightforward about the acual technological aspects of the network, the capabilities, would be very solid. DBCs then, for example, as the evolution, after blockchain monies, onwards to the dream of the cypherpunks, a new cash online and offline that’s controlled by all the users, etc etc. There’s loads of good quotes and interviews of those characters, obvious nerdy heroes one and all. I don’t see the issue here, basically, if there is one.


I should probably rename the thread. My intent was to come up with ways to market DBC’s unique/cash like features. Not what a DBC is itself.

First we need to know how do we achieve a unspendable yet redeemable physical representation of it so that one can trust the value hasn’t been swept before they redeem it. Then how do we market it’s use to the public?

I really like Southside’s “Crypto with the convenience of cash”

Edit: thread title updated


I’m afraid there may be a few details to iron out and explain to ourselves first of all before we can deploy a smartarse bit of alliteration.
Bit heres hoping we can achieve that and get a product/feature that we really can promote with a short snappy and above all, accurate, phrase


Oh and its “Crypto with the convenience of cash™” from now on :slight_smile:


I thought we were marketing to devs. That’s what Sotros said above. The public is an end user specifically and DBC is a tool the devs would use to create a user interface for the public.

I think marketing to the public will be challenging. What kind of marketing expertise does Maidsafe have? At least you guys have a trademarked slogan. That’s a good start.

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I do think that marketing to devs is going to be a crucial step to getting DBC’s into a form factor that will be meaningful (and therefore marketable) to consumers/end users.

To that end, I wonder whether it’s worth it to spin up a separate topic specific to marketing DBC as a functionality to devs. That way this thread can remain specific to marketing DBC end products to end users once those end products are more tangible.


One avenue could be marketing Safe Network to devs already familiar wit DBC’s. If we get this working there could be some folks ready jump our wagon with a bit of a “I told you so!” -type of energy against the backdrop of all this blockchain hype.