How u deal with waiting when moon :D

Its now always but sometimes I feel impatient when see price is x and “want” y. (Or waiting to lunch project) How u deal with it? In poker there is something called injected logic, that is some mindset sentences or logic that helps with some problem. And I now digging this some repair logic on this “problem”


Search for something which is available right now.
Like YouTube videos for example.

You can’t watch videos and think about prices or project launch at the same time (I hope :slight_smile: ).

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I wrote for yourself some injected logic:

  1. if would be finished then it wouldn’t be that cheap, and I wouldn’t earn on this.
  2. if it would be easy then it would be finished yet and I wouldn’t earn on this.
  3. its normal to wait several years in investing to get gains, if it would be opposite, then it would do everybody and you dont earn about this, waiting = paying.

sorry if its bad english in this.

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