How to withdraw maidsafecoin from paper wallet?

Hi, sorry am kind of a newbie here. But i have totally no idea how to send the maidsafecoins from my paper wallet ( generated from bitaddress) to another address. How do i do this?


One way is to

  • make sure you have some bitcoin in the address
  • create a wallet at
  • make sure you remember the credentials
  • import the private address (starts with β€œ5”) that bitaddress gave you into the wallet
  • then you can send your funds (the site will tell you how much bitcoin is needed for the fees) NOTE: the bitcoin must be in the same address that the MAID is in

Ok thanks. Very clear. Will try out

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Oh, another thought, if you have some MAID left and don’t want to send them anywhere for a while then it might be wise to make another paper wallet address and send the remaining MAID there along with enough BTC to move them later on

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Oh ok, will do, thanks.

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