How to use HitBTC Exchange to buy MaidSafe (MAID)

Concerning Polo: my impression is that the support is improving (slowly) after the takeover of Circle.
You have to be very patient, that is correct.


Can you guys still withdraw from Polo without verifying?

In their press release when they announced the “Must be verified to trade” they said that no changes till they implement it and after that you cannot trade but still w/d your coins if you do not verify.

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I had not read this, thanks for posting that. I would really love a new Coinbase competitor to enter the field. I want ACH USD bank deposit direct to an exchange that has full alt-coin trading capabilities like Poloniex. And I want those deposits to not take 10 days :expressionless: (Coinbase I am looking at you). Coinbase claims its the bank not crediting them for a long time before they give my deposit but I know my bank is crediting them within 3-4 business days so the wait is certainly excessive.

As for verification I don’t see the big concern for now. As time passes anyone who is in the crypto space now is an early adapter in the grand scheme of things so a little validation is a must to play by “big brothers” rules. Once the safe network is around and someone has built a totally incredible exchange hosted on the network then all that control and chains placed on the people of the world will be released. Call it wild west, but I for one embrace it because it still helps the good guys too :wink: . No one likes to go through the process of validation and verification and document scanning and past living addresses, just let people send their own digital property around as they please!

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So if I follow the process correctly, in order to buy and safely store Maidsafe coins:

  1. Bank transfer USD to Coinbase
  2. Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase
  3. Transfer BTC to Poloniex
    4.Buy Maidsafe on Poloniex with BTC
  4. Set up a Bitcoin wallet
  5. Set up an Omniwallet account
    7.Import private key to Omniwallet
  6. Store Maidsafe coins in a bitcoin wallet using Omniwallet for withdrawal
    9.Create an offline wallet for cold storage (paper or USB drive) using an air-gapped computer

Did I leave out anything?

You need only Bitcoin address with Bitcoins for one transaction fee, but you are right.

You could just use the online omni-wallet and then you don’t have to download the whole bitcoin blockchain. The online wallet takes care of all the details for you - you still hold the keys – it’s like a wallet, but for omni tokens - pretty secure.


Well lets mimimize fees here:

  1. Bank transfer USD to Coinbase via Gdax(their exchange, less fees on you)
  2. Buy Bitcoin on Gdax(don’t use a market order if you can avoid it and do a maker(I may be wrong here in verbage) buy, too bad I am lazy though and do market orders because the 50-75 cent fees with buying every 200 bucks does not bother me much)
  3. Transfer BTC from Gdax to Poloniex
  4. Setup omniwallet, write down all the private wallet info on a piece of paper don’t save it anywhere on your computer/phone.
  5. Buy MAID on Polo w your BTC
  6. Transfer MAID straight to Omniwallet address repeatedly whenever you need, can move it all way down the road when MAID gets converted to SAFE in a year.
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But if your last step is to leave the coins on your Omniwallet address, aren’t the coins still online and subject to attack? Don’t you need to move the wallet offline at this point?

Also, don’t you have to somehow remove the address from the OmniWallet?

The coins are on the bitcoin blockchain, so if you have exported/saved the private keys, you can access using any wallet that can ‘see’ omni-tokens. Omni encrypts your private key with your password (what I recall) so unless your password is weak then would be really hard to break into your online wallet.

Note that you can store omni tokens (including MAIDSAFE) on any bitcoin address - but you won’t be able to see them or send them without subsequently importing the private keys from that address into an omni-protocol capable wallet.

If you already run a bitcoin node and have downloaded the entire blockchain, then all you have to do is download and install the omni wallet and set it to use that bitcoin blockchain. However if you don’t run a node or have a fast and unlimited internet connection then, IMO, it’s not worth the trouble as the bitcoin blockchain is huge. Hence for most it’s easier to store on an online wallet. All that said, Most of my MAIDSAFE coins are in cold offline storage and not online.

You have to weigh up the risk of how much you are holding versus how often you need access. Risk is a personal assessment, so I can’t tell you which is the best option for you.

The address of your coins is easy enough to cut and paste into a password manager or text editor and save it on a couple different USB drives. Importantly though, beyond the address you need to export your private keys and store them the same way. You might also want to print out the information and keep in a fireproof safe or safe-deposit-box somewhere. Oh, and don’t forget your password too!! :wink: Really, the address info does not need to be secure, just private - unless you want people knowing how much is in your wallet. The address itself doesn’t give access - just the private keys and your password.

  1. Buy Bitcoin, for example on Coinbase.
  2. Send Bitcoin, for example to Poloniex.
  3. Buy “Maid” coins on Poloniex

4 a. Sign up to OMNI wallet and send “Maid” to the Bitcoin/Maid address on the Omni-site.
4 b. Create Bitcoin addresses with for example, send Maid to the Bitcoin address.

  1. If you setup Omni-wallet, export/backup private keys for higher security, If created addresses with bitaddress for offline paper wallets, make sure the site is the real, remove network connection, create and store adresses safely, remove history and cockies from the browser.
  2. When the time comes to move Maid, import “private keys” on the Omni-wallet site and also remeber to send enough bitcoin to the address where you have Maid stored, to cover the bitcoin transaction fee.

Tips, send small amounts in the begining until you know you are doing the right thing and know what your doing.


Thanks to all of you. Really appreciate the help.

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Based on coinbuddy is HitBTC withdrawal fee already 217.0 MAID ($109.21).

help me
I sent some bitcoins from zebpay to maidsafe wallet in hitbtc exchange now that coins got struck what to do? (later I know I should send to btc wallet first but I directly sent to the maidsafe wallet in hitbtc exchange now can anybody tell me pls

About the only thing you can do is contact hitbtc They are the only ones who can help you

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Hi. You need to contact hitbtc. They have your coin.
Unfortunately most exchanges are unwilling to help as doing so could compromise their security.

Good luck.