How to use HitBTC Exchange to buy MaidSafe (MAID)

A couple of weeks ago this cryptocurrency youtuber did a mention of Silicon Valley and I commented on that video about MAIDSAFE’s link to SV … and today she did a video on how to buy MAID on HitBTC … so sharing the link →

BTW, she has 13K subscribers so hopefully will spread the word a bit!


Wonder if HitBTC paid her off… That exchange is criminal how it treats users. She should direct people to Polo.


Well, I don’t know, but I think she is genuinely interested in MAIDSAFE. She told me two weeks ago in her reply that she’d look into it and now she’s done this video, so maybe she’s just doing what she knows. I personally don’t use polo as they’ve not treated me well in the past - I don’t trade MAID’s much though - mostly a hodler, but when I have I’ve used Cryptopia, so I don’t know much about the hitBTC experience. Polo does have the volume though, so best price is probably available over there.

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Specifically HITBTC charges something like 100+ MAID to cash out, this is 10x higher than others. Compared to 10 MAID at Polo. They also fake their volumes at HITBTC. Not sure what your experience has been with Polo but as a recent user I have had 0 problems since I joined. Their support is non-existent but just don’t click the wrong buttons has been my advice to using Polo.

Edit - Purchased 1200 maidsafe coin on HitBTC.... withdrawl fee was 200 (20%). Why? , well maybe its 200 actually. so 20x lol…


My problem with Polo was that they failed to send me my coins in a reasonable timeframe - I was within the limits for their KYC/AML rules and yet they delayed so long that I missed out on an ICO that would have made me a lot of dough … so I am holding a grudge.

I don’t think cryptopia has such high withdrawal fees … not sure if they have them at all, but haven’t used them in a couple of months.

Understandable, I can see why that would be frustrating but its not nearly as criminal as what HITBTC has been doing. What do you classify as reasonable time frame? When I cash out MAID from Polo it comes within 1 hour or less generally.

1 hour would be great … no, it took Polo around a week - and no excuse or apology was given. I mostly avoid using centralized exchanges now unless I have little option. I’d rather pay a higher price and use a decentralized one if I can. But I don’t trade too often and mostly buy into ICO’s.

Beth aka Cryptoflower, who did the video just replied to me: “Thank you for drawing my attention to this project. I had it down as a data storage project. Now I know, it is so much more than that! Thanks again!”

I think this is true for a lot of people out there - they think MAID is just a data storage project like ‘storj’ … and it is so much more - a real problem for the marketers at MAID to solve IMO.


Eh I tried to warn people on that youtube video and she hid/deleted the comment. Then I realized the only thing visible in the top portion of her description is a hitbtc referral link… Glad someone thought MAID sounded neat, but feels like she cares more about referral income. Not cool to sensor a valid warning because ultimately it will leave a bad taste in new users mouths when they go to withdraw MAID from HITBTC and get slapped with a terrible fee(and that negativity will also feed into their opinion of the coin too IMO). Guess a little publicity is better than none but that put a downer on it for me :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Any good feedback about Cryptopia ? What is their withdrawal fee, based country and trust level ?

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Based in New Zealand, not as large as polo. Fees not as low as polo but from memory reasonable. Been around for quite a while. No ID needed (last time I looked) if w/d < 5000 NZD


Odd. I left a comment yesterday about why it’s better to use Polo due to the withdrawal fees, and her response was positive. I didn’t go into details about how I think HitBTC is one of the scammiest exchanges though because—much like you noted—at this point, just about any enthusiastic publicity is good publicity for the SAFEnetwork, and I didn’t want to mire her video in negativity. Hopefully the note on withdrawal fees should be warning enough to those looking to get into MAID.


Yes, I think any publicity is good publicity at this stage - particularly to those who are more technically aware as it raises the profile of the project and many will go check it out for themselves. IMO, most who watch Beth’s video’s are more experienced traders in any case. Good to let the noobs know that there are other trading options though.

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Withdrawal fee is around 30 MAID. The keyword there is the withdrawal time. It may take minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. They have people banging their heads against the wall in spasms of frustration with their nonchalant support and really, really bad excuses. I use it, but cautiously.

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I used Cryptotopia in maybe September last year (so not that recently) and had no issues. My only comment would be that the volume of Maid is quite low. However, for the average buyer I think there’s enough liquidity to make it useable.

I have had no luck with Polo since they changed their KYC requirements. I used to prefer them but they’re not verifying my account fully despite my attempts.

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They were always pretty, uh, specific, but the real issues began in November and accelerated in January. Haven’t used it in two or three months, but their Twitter and forum were bursting with lawsuit threats by then.

The longest they had me waiting for a withdrawal was about three days, so you could say I was lucky, but I also turned into a psycho agitator who lambasted them and elevated the bitching pressure day by day. I was also one of the few they bothered replying to.

Shame about Polo.

EDIT: This is the perfect example of you may experience on Cryptopia:

My 0.66 ETH Withdrawal is stuck in processing for about 5days ago but still not complete.Please help me to resolve my issue! My Ticket number is…

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I see no such comment though? Use a private browser and view the video link?

Yeah, you’re right. Censorship & ulterior motives much? Now I’m doubly glad I didn’t tweet/share her video more broadly. This is the comment I posted, she responded to and is now hiding. Perhaps a video about how to get MAID without getting scammed is in order…


Yeah I figured she was trying to be sneaky with the hide heh. Just looking for that sweet sweet referral hitbtc earnings haha(which will get eaten up by her fees on maid withdraw anyways lol)…

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She used refferal link for HitBTC in video description.