How to store maidsafe?


Congratulations on your purchase!
Sorry to hear it took you so long to get the coins, but the learning curve is quite steep if you don’t have any experience with crypto currencies, and especially ones that run on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

It took me a couple of days too to wrap my head around the SAFE project but I decided to invest in IPO. Here I am, one year later, anxious about the launch and the incredible enhancements going on in the background while I accumulate as much coins as I can. Because I believe in the team and in the usefulness of this project.

You keep saying you don’t have time to read the forum. Well, you should not invest then. Why would you want to invest if you don’t know where your money is going?

Also, it seems to me you you merely gambled some of your spare money. I don’t judge you for who you are or what you do, but before throwing out your anger here, try to inform yourself. Read more about the project and not only. Nobody cares right now that you didn’t read enough to make your purchase process easier and we’ll still help you, but rightfully so since they have more important things to do. The streamlined solution is still a couple of months away.

For your future reference there’s in plan a decentralized exchange and your only pain then will be to buy bitcoins. The BTC/Safecoin exchange will happen instantly and your coins will be credited to your SAFE account.

You need to have the minimum amount of BTC (0.0001) in the bitcoin addresses where you MaidSafeCoins are stored for you to be able to transfer them to another address(exchange/Safecoin burn address etc). This could’ve been done later.
Also, instead of waiting for 3 days for the Bitcoin client to synchronize you could’ve simply used a paper wallet. :wink:


Be assured we are watching though, this is not our project any more, it’s yours. We will be here to help but are as important/unimportant as the community now. We have some debts to pay and then we are equal in every way. Don’t be scared you are on your own, your not. The community are the project, but we will not let it fail :wink: .


Very optimistic there, aren’t we. Willing to put that guarantee in writing? Hehe :grimacing:

Oh look another one with a crystal ball. Will you insure my investment, lol.

Why? Are you really asking me that?

Mate, your contradicting yourself.

If my business did this I would be dragged through the courts and end up penny-less. In fact it would actually be interesting to see. These guys can only do these things because they are operating in a fairly unregulated environment and in fact one where most people don’t even understand what is going on. Its he perfect environment for scams, or simple mistakes to happen to good people who are naive. So IMHO when your running an operation such as this and you know the risks, you should be doing all that you can to support the very people that are trying to support you and in this case you would support them with a place to keep their coins that they purchased in support of your idea.

That’s a nice reply. You could have just said I was right. It would have been easier than trying to cover it with the romantic ideas you have displayed.

Ive been around long enough to see scams, be scammed, see other get scammed. waste my time on fruitless endeavours, rip my hair with frustration etc.

I cant even begin to comprehend how you can suggest I assumed it would be easy without working your way through the logic. Your basically agreeing with me but then saying I shouldn’t complain. In fact, you know what, I lie, your a smart guy, you have worked your way through the logic, but im beginning to see your pride far outweighs your moral obligations. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong here.

And regarding the fridge analogy, that doesn’t really work where I live because we have pretty full on consumer protection here called the Australian Consumer Law which is basically a set of federal all encompassing laws that guarantee consumers certain rights. It’s a grey area at best, so I would hesitate if I were you when making such bold analogies.

I am not saying that I think maidsafe is a scam or that people should sue them. Far from it. To me from what i have read, watched and seen so far they seem to be fair dinkum.

I am simply suggesting that maybe they could have held off from their crowdsale until they were better prepared, if not for them then for the people that want to and are supporting them (can we call them customers?).

That’s my 2cents. And i’m not stupid, I thought about whether or not I should provide this feedback or not and eventually I decided to because it sends a message to maidsafe that I think needs to be sent. It reminds them that with great power comes great responsibility. Bitcoin has been a God-send for some people but it has actually ruined some peoples lives. The difference is that the person or persons who created bitcoin are ghosts, they don’t exist. The benefit with that is that noone has to accept any responsibility for anything. Maidsafe on the other hand have voiced loudly and clearly that they are the creators and developers of this thing, therefore the responsibility is with them.

[quote=“sfcoin, post:62, topic:3644”]
You keep saying you don’t have time to read the forum. Well, you should not invest then. Why would you want to invest if you don’t know where your money is going?
[/quote] Incorrect, see above.

[quote=“dirvine, post:63, topic:3644”]
Be assured we are watching though, this is not our project any more, it’s yours. We will be here to help but are as important/unimportant as the community now. We have some debts to pay and then we are equal in every way. Don’t be scared you are on your own, your not. The community are the project, but we will not let it fail .
[/quote] Although I appreciate your reply because I can imagine how busy you are, what you are saying is a little off to me. Maybe I am reading it wrong. But I thought that you are an LTD listed Scottish company and that your company decided to create a crowdsale/presale?


True, I am not sure how that makes a difference, but if you check the company structure you might find it pleasing. It is not a normal setup and controlled by a charity and the staff in terms of shares. There is no perfect setup for this kind of endeavour so we make the best of what we can and work very hard to ensure open free access to everything we do. In terms of SAFE then it’s not ours. We control access to our forks but anyone can have their own fork should we prove less than good, which is something I feel this community would do in a heartbeat and with my blessing and support for sure.

The crowdsale was really cool, many errors but we have a community of people who ‘get it’ now we could have gone for investment from people who just want 5X return in 3 years, which is normal. You will find deeper analysis on my blog. I hide nothing :smiley:


In which way I’m contradicting myself? I really don’t see it. And if you don’t like this whole idea of crowdfunding using Bitcoins I really don’t understand why you bought them. You should’ve bought some ETF’s on the Nasdaq in a very well regulated environment. Swarm, Ethereum, Gemz, Factom, StorJ and others did a crowdfunding in this way. You pay BTC and get something else back for it. I bet your business could do so as well. A system build on top of Bitcoin (like Omni/mastercoin and Counterparty) is way more safe (due to the bitcoin-miners) than to build your own wallet from scratch. I think it was the right choice for them to use Mastercoin.

Yup. You come in, start to complain, asks a question, someone shows you where to find the answer and than you reply with: “Yeah, but I cant be bothered reading those.” Not a great invitation to the devs to reply to your question isn’t it?
And you keep asking your questions like over and over and over again:

Is there a more safer way to store them than offline using a cold wallet? Or a more safer way that to store in your local Bitcoin client? No there isn’t. These options are already in the videos on the top of this topic. People told you, showed you. But hey, just keep asking again and again.

You already got a lot of replies to it. People who agreed with you that it can be hard etc. But to me it looks that you will keep asking until someone agrees with you that Maidsafe should have taken another route in their crowdfunding. In your own words, you keep “rambling about it”. Even while you gt a lot of replies to it. Just spamming your opinion over and over again, in the hope something will change.

Well, you took the time to write very long topics here, asking questions. And you even took the time to dive in the help people offered to get your money and coins back. If you started using the searchbox on the forum and put your time in there, boy you probably would’ve known more than most of us here, answering our questions :wink:

The Bitcoin-technology is working fine for years. People that lost money were speculating on the price (just like people do with Futures, options etc.) or put their coins at Mt Gox etc. Not Bitcoin to blame IMHO.


No-one has suggested you are unintelligent, so why say this?

What I’ve seen is that you have expressed opinions without first informing yourself. You’ve said yourself you “can’t be bothered” to do so, but you continue expressing ill informed views and making comments that seem to be little more than venting and blaming because things were not as easy for you as you expected. Maybe that’s what made you feel stupid, and the need to assert your intelligence, take an “I know better than MaidSafe” position. Am I ringing any bells yet?

You have rejected my post without being clear about why, as is your pattern. So I can’t answer your rejection. It isn’t clear to me what consumer law has to do with my analogy, and your way of expressing things seems, again, just ill informed emotional reaction.

Feedback As me:

Your attitude here is disrespectful, and you are stirring up ill feeling towards yourself. Not because you criticise, but because your criticism is often ill informed, and IMO you don’t engage with people here in a respectful way. In the way that I believe is important if the forum is to meet the needs of this community. Many of us, myself included, have done that from time to time. But if you are unable to recognise that yourself or hear the feedback of others, you will eventually cross a line.

Frankly I’m getting fed up with your attitude on the forum. That’s my personal response to you.

Feedback As Forum Moderator:

However, my opinion aside, as a mod I take my lead from the community, but I see you are not making friends here by causing people to feel you are undermining the forum and the project, whether I’m right about the reasons or not.

In the end we mods listen to the community, discuss as needed, and do whatever we think is in the best interests of this forum, its community, and most of all Project SAFE which is what we are all brought together to support.

I say all this to let you know that your attitude is I think close to what is acceptable here and encourage you to start pausing before you hit “Reply”. Not to censor you. By all means make your points, but please consider how you word them, and the overall attitude you speak from first. And not least, whether you’ve informed yourself adequately to make a contribution in the first place, or if you’re just spouting ill informed opinion. Or comparing apples with oranges (“if I ran my business like X”) etc. etc.

Know thyself is my advice mate. We are all mirrors for you.


Hi beinghappy

I did not know you were a forum moderator.

Now I know, thank you. I will not cross any more lines.


Wise words. Miyagi-san.


Just a quick question please

I just watched the poloniex trading video and noticed that 7285.4 maidsafecoins were sent to the wallet from poloniex. The question is if it is only maidsafecoins that can be subdivided into parts of a coin (0.4 in the video) or will the safe coins also be so.


Good question,

Here’s a good post + conversation regarding the decimal place, I’m sure this will come up again over the next couple of months while testing these aspects in actuality


Thanks for the pointer, good discussion and answered my question. No decimals in safe coins at the moment and discussions of any sub divisions will be thought out if needed.



I after you buy some maidsafe on an exchange, where are you then suppose to store them so they are safe? Is an offline wallet available?



There is a ton of info on here if you search. Paper is the way to go if you are going to hold.



Can someone please shed a bit of light here. Once the network is live, do you have to swap Maidsafe for Safecoins?

If so, is this done before the network goes live or can this be done as soon as the network goes live?

Also, whats the point in this process?



Details on this will be made very clear by MaidSafe when appropriate, but I can tell you that once safecoin is stably functional on the final network, you will be able to burn the MaidSafeCoin on the Bitcoin/Omni protocol and have the safecoin credited to the wallet address you designate on the SAFE Network.

Do you HAVE to give up you MaidSafeCoin? No, but I doubt they’ll be worth much once safecoin is live. I don’t know if they plan a “convert by” date, after which you can’t transfer. If so, I’m sure it will be a very reasonable time.

Hope this answers your questions.



when you have Maidsafe stored in you local wallet, how do you do about transferring Maidsafe from that address to somewhere else? When you send in the local wallet it just asks you the address to send to. You have several addresses in the wallet, but why does it not give you the option of which address to transfer from? It just tells you the total amount of bitcoin in the wallet, but does not specify which address it will use to make the transfer,



Hi Everyone!

I am new to Maidsafe. I just bought some maidsafe token/coin on Poloniex. Is it safe to keep them there?

Many thanks!


It´s safe as long as you trust Poloniex. As any other server based service it can be hacked or exploited by people who hold the keys to the exchange. If you want to make things real safe, don´t “store” them there.


Just depends. If your trading, obviously you need to keep them there.

I would always advocate keeping them in off line cold storage AKA a paper wallet that you have the private and public keys to for security purposes. Keep two copies and don’t keep the public and private key together.


Poloniex has good security, and you must confirm a withdrawal email. I always put my coins for sale at high price for extra step.