How to store maidsafe?


Yes. Yes indeed it is.


Hey man, so im all good you think?


ok, if you’re running the Bitcoin-client locally, you should follow these steps. Be careful! If someone has this privatekey they have your coins. But what you want to do is export that private key from the Bitcoin-client at home into your omniwallet. I did it once, without a problem. Although it takes some steps.


Thanks everyone for your answers. I have sent them on a BTC paper wallet and have the private key so it’s all good.


Are you not concerned about storing your coins at I understand owners can’t steal the money but they could shut down without notice right? do we know the real name of omniwallet owners?


Yes, one should always be a bit concerned, but I both use Omniwallet and Counterwallet (for Counterparty coins). When these sites would go offline, others can setup a new website easily. The big risk is that someone hacks their website and use malicious code so your login etc. does leave your browser. But this would be noticed quite soon.

Both Counterparty and Omni have clients that run offline. But they also provide some risk.


Thats great, that helps a lot, at least now I can see the coins and am able to send them somewhere if I need to. I think I may leave them in my BTC wallet for the moment as they are safe there and once I get down to it and get myself some more ink, I will likely put it onto a paper wallet via the omniwallet or not… depends. Makes sense. Thanks.


Well done,this whole Maidsafe coin thing can be a bit complicated at times . Good on you for asking the questions that can help othes .


All the questions were answered before, this entire topic with 48 comments is an drawn-out rehash of available content that only makes it more difficult to find answers.

Now the next person seeking help will see one more topic for the same search.


Would you be willing to pull what we have together into a short set of FAQs @janitor, so we can just point folks to the FAQ and ask them to come back if they don’t find what they need?

That would be really neat, because anyone arriving and opening one of these topics would be taken straight to the information they need.

Our FAQs haven’t really taken off. I’ve written a few, but the section could do with a bit more love and then we would, i hope, be more ready just to send people to it for a range of frequent questions.

If @janitor or anyone else would like to have a go at this, please do. Just look at what @hillbicks has fostered by offering to coordinate the translations! If that were to happen for the FAQs it would be amazing :slight_smile:


I’m sorry , my computer skills are not that good and I do want to loose my coins I simply want to know if I send my maid safe coins to my bitcoin qt wallet from my Master exchange .Can I later on set up my Omni wallet with the private key and in the future sent them to the Safe network when it is up and running . I have watched some of the tutorials and am still confused.
Regards .


I was keeping my Maidsafecoins tied to two addresses even if they had that breach back in December.

Inspired by the recent discussions regarding the storage and safety of my Maidsafecoins ,I opted to use to generate 10 different bitcoin addresses (and their private keys), offline (I saved the domain to a local HTML file - not necessary but I prefer it like this).

I have printed the generated bitcoin paper wallets and I will copy them in a digital format on two different USB sticks, so I’ll have three backups of my private keys.

I am transferring now a small amount of bitcoin to each of those addresses . This is necessary for when I’ll want to send my Maidsafecoins back to an exchange/burn address(exchange for Safecoins), because these transactions are managed by the Bitcoin network and I need to pay the bitcoin miner fees.

The second step is to transfer/split all my Maidsafecoins from my two addresses to those 10. I need to use Omniwallet to import the private keys of my 2 addresses and then I am allowed to transfer the Maidsafecoins.

Is there anything I missed?


We’re actually already working on consolidating the FAQs and potentially more into one place, as it was discussed here

Stay tuned for more info on that in a couple of days.


Marvelous @hillbicks! Thanks…

There’s still an opening for someone to work on particular FAQs such as for this thread of course, but if you fancy it @janitor or others, I suggest you coordinate with @hillbicks.


When you have your coins at home in the Bitcoin QT client, you can import the private key in an Omniwallet. Please read back this topic. I linked to a tutorial on how to do that. Maidsafecoins are not the same as SAFEcoins. There will be some time when you can change one for the other when the network goes live.


I’ve almost completed my transactions and almost have my maidsafecoins in a paper wallet. The whole episode has taken about 3 days (give or take) which is a bit of a joke to be honest. Here is my feedback to

Take it however it is, flame me, mock me, it is what it is. Im a non-techie, ive said that from the start.

This is the part I have never understood with bitcoin and all of the other alt coins, maidsafecoin included is that it is supposed to be unrivaled technology and yet I can xfer some fiat dollars via my bank and have them insured, to anyone, anywhere in a matter of seconds… I can buy products, services or just xfer money… I have a card, phone banking, online banking, an app and can access my money from any ATM on the planet.

Hate to be the pessimist but it just kind of feels like we are monkeys dancing around a newly made camp fire at times.

I still cannot understand why would be out telling everyone about this and yet not offering a simple solution to the problem. They wanted a crowdsale and they wanted a presale. So why they could not offer a safe and simple place to keep the coins is beyond me. No one from has responded to this as far as I know.

And for people on this forum to sit there and say ‘oh well, you have to read the forum, and you have to read the faq, blah blah blah’ you know some people (like me) dont have time, and even if we did, we cant be bothered sometimes because it should just work and it should just be simple. That is what we have become accustomed to in our modern age, simplicity and ease of use technology. Not having to spend hours reading how to secure your investment and still not be sure of what you have done it correct or not.

For example, most of my weekend has been spent on this, instead of spending time and playing with my daughter, it’s ridiculous. And seeing as this technology is being heralded by some as some sort of coming of the new christ it’s all a bit too much for me and in all honesty, it makes me question the whole project and the future of the project as well as the intentions of the crowdsale/presale.

On top of all that, I can now only imagine what im up for when SAFE coin finally comes around and what will be required to be done then to swap the coins…

Here is a list of what I have had to do to get my coins and secure them (and I still have little faith they are really secured to be honest).

  1. Download bitcoin core wallet, wait about 3 days for it to update.
  2. Buy some bitcoin from, send personal information for verification (this made me laugh).
  3. SIgn up to poloniex
  4. Trade btc for maid
  5. Read forum and try to figure out how to safely secure my new maidsafecoins
  6. Kind of figure out they will sit ontop of BTC address on blockchain but not 100% certain
  7. Withdraw maidsafecoins to personal, local BTC address where I have the private key
  8. Can’t see my coins, but some weird tiny amount of BTC got sent to me, dont know what this is or where it is from, still dont know where my maidsafecoins are…
  9. Contact poloniex, have an exchange with them and figure out by re-reading and asking questions on this forum that omniwallet will enable me to confirm my maidsafecoins are sitting ontop of my BTC address and that I can use said omniwallet to move the coins to a paper wallet if I wanted to.
  10. Confirm coins are there on my address, chew on the idea of having the coins stay there or be moved to a paper wallet (have never used a paper wallet, but it seems fairly straight forward).
  11. Decide to move them to paper wallet, log into omniwallet, realize all sorts of fees are required, not enough BTC funds…
  12. Go back to localbitcoins, buy some more btc, leave just enough for fees, exchange the rest for more maidsafecoin
  13. Finally have enough to xfer the maidsafe from my btc wallet address via omniwallet to my paper address…
  14. Am about to complete that transaction just now, so I re-visit the forum to make sure I am doing everything correctly and realize I should hold off because one of the forum members @sfcoin is saying something about xfering a small amount of btc to his paper wallet addresses as it is necessary for later on, this is news to me… day 4 rolls on.


Every transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain asks for a transaction fee, so to send your maidsafecoins later to the ‘burning address’ where Maidsafecoins get exchanged for Safecoins you’ll need to pay a bitcoin transaction fee. Add 0.0001 BTC to the address where you have your Maidsafecoins and you’ll be fine.


Please keep in mind that we’re still in a pre-beta stage and you can’t expect the process to be completely smooth. Yes, there was a crowd sale, but as far as I know there wasn’t a mention of it being easy. You are an early adopter if you want to get into this at this point in time. Therefore you should make some effort to get it working. If this is working out as you hope it will, the profit margin will be astronomical, nothing you will see or get with a system that is done after two clicks, so please keep that in mind. If you want simple, ask your broker to buy you some stock :wink:

Once the SAFE network is out of the beta stage and there is a dedicated exchange and you still have to jump through these hoops, then yes, by all means complain. But not now, not at this stage we’re at.


LOL! It’s not the coming of the new christ but a lot of us are very optimistic about it. And yeah, it would be easier if you just could click and get coins. That’s exactly what the team is working on for years. When SAFEnet is live, you just send some BTC to an Address and get SAFEcoin back. They’ll trade in under a second. It will look like heaven next to all the steps you just took.

Why should they? There are a lot of people here on the forum helping you out. I did all the steps you did as well. Took me a lot of time to figure it all out. But I learned a lot from it! Probably will make some money on it as well.

Let me give you my opinion on that. Building a wallet, creating a coin with all the miners and wallets etc. takes a lot of time. They could have done that, but it’s quite hard when your own software isn’t live. That would’ve been a bad idea! They took a different approach. Just create coins on the Mastercoin-platform and sell them as a proxy-token which can later be changed when your own network is live. That’s exactly what they did. I was part of the crowdfunding, sent some BTC to an address and got Maidsafecoin back. Great technology backed by the miners in the Bitcoin-network. But after that people started trading on Poloniex, some would like to store them locally, others want a cold storage. That’s what’s making it all complicated. That has nothing to do with the team. They’re just focusing on their own technology.


If you have the expectations of a consumer buying a fridge, when actually you have strayed into the lab of some very bright people who are working on building the first time machine, you are going to be disappointed.

Well done for getting this far.

The fact that something is hard is actually a great opportunity. To take part in something before hardly anyone else. To see things that hardly anyone has seen and to begin to understand them. In time, to see opportunities for yourself, a business perhaps, or a career, or a novel, or some great new invention that could change your daughter’s life. All manner of possibilities.

Or, you can decide you’d rather stay out of the lab and have more time with your family. Both are great things to do.

If you’d decide to climb everest, you probably would realise it was going to be hard because we all know its hard (though maybe not how hard!). But you decided to do something you assumed would be easy, and were mistaken. Your response is to blame others and not accept you went in with wrong expectations. This is water under the bridge for us (because we’ve all been through this my friend @goindeep), but a missed learning opportunity for you, unless… :slight_smile: