How to store maidsafe?


Yes, but you’re repeating what was already thoroughly discussed and the answers to all questions you asked already exist on this site and are contained in 3-4 previous topics.


Why investigate or ask why when you can just share ill informed conclusions?


Yeah, but I cant be bothered reading those. And besides its 12am here an i’ve had a few beers. Such is Internet


Maybe we should wait a bit longer before responding to your questions from now on. I expect everyone to do their own research before asking others who are trying to help voluntarily.

You’re asking a lot of time from people who did the simple research themselves, only because you don’t want to do any research. I myself haven’t got a problem with searching together with you for answers but you’re now wasting peoples time.


What’s up with the attitude? If you don’t want to waste your time answering questions then why do you? You said it yourself it’s voluntarily and he just wants to be safe when buying his coins.


I’m very willing to help everyone who has got questions that I can answer or help finding the answers for but when someone receives an answer which points him to a certain direction where he can find the answers and simply ignores them because it’s 12 o’clock and he had some beers then there’s no reason for helping I think.


Its not just about answering questions - I’m happy to do that. What I don’t like is the posting of opinion without due consideration, which then has to be responded to or it devalues the forum - which of course has generally covered the issue in depth already, but would be unknown to someone reading the post and seeing no response.

So I think we do well to answer any and all questions whether or not the poster has researched.

I don’t expect everyone to research before they ask questions. Great if they do, but not everyone can or will and it’s great that generally there are people willing to answer. If not, well tough, but that’s ok too - they can always go and do some research after all. A question unanswered is a missed opportunity though.

What’s unhelpful is posting opinion that is misleading, such as an ill informed emotional response: “well I think it should be like X” and then just repeating that while ignoring requests for justification of that position, and not taking on board explanations for why that’s not the case.


Good question.
How do you store safecoins?


Yeah… you realize this is a discussion forum, and a forum on Internet freedom of all things. Kind of ironic with all your rules and ideas of what people should and shouldn’t do. If you dont want to reply… then uhh, maybe uhh, dont reply? It’s pretty simple man.

Im not trying to be rude or anything. Im just pointing out that this is a forum and people will always ask things that have been asked before as will they ask what others deem to be silly questions. Your just going to have to get over it really because no matter what you say, it will just continue to happen.

You can tell people to search the forums all you like and guess what there will always be new comers not doing that.

I think its fine people asking questions, its what we want, ask questions, discuss answers. And if it bugs you all that much that someone is asking a question that has already being asked before on a forum, then I dont even know how to respond to that other then be myself and make fun of it because its that ridiulous to me.



So does this mean we CAN withdraw maidsafecoin to a BTC address and it WILL be visible via Omnichest? Or do we withdraw maidsafecoin to a Omnichest address? This is what I am not understanding and there are people saying both are correct from what I have read…?

I hope I have not messed something up because I withdrew to my BTC address… Uh-Oh.


i also did a small test withdraw straight to a btc wallet , i will let you know when my transfer is approved (up to 48 hours on masterexchange)


I have a feeling i ******* up… lol… whoops there goes $300…


Here is the support ticket chain from Poloniex:

“HI, I just withdrew all my maidsafe coins to my BTC address but now I am wondering if I did the correct thing . I read on the maidsafe forums that should be OK to do because of the omniprotocol.
This is the transaction: c100d037910969b9f5b7b6f8c372f8172670ebda5152f3690a4fe7d6526e5c27
The thing is as soon as I did this I received some small amount of BTC into the address I withdrew into… an amount of: 0.00000546 BTC
Any ideas, or thoughts on this?
Also the omnichest is pretty much just showing me what my wallet is telling me.

“Hi Mr. XXXX
Despite using the same address type as BTC, MAID and bitcoin are not compatible protocols. Only a MAID address is able to properly receive MAID coins.
The BTC amount you received is the BTC that the MAID transaction generated as a representation of the 10000 MAID, but as the receiving address was a bitcoin wallet it was never credited as MAID.
I am afraid if the BTC address is a desktop wallet the coins may be impossible to recover, in this case I strongly suggest you seek help on the MAID announcement thread before trying anything else.
If the BTC address is from an exchange, there is a chance it may be recoverable, in that case you have to contact the support of the receiving side and explain what happened.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Best regards,
J G”

“There is no such thing as a MAID address I thought?
So where would the coins be sitting then? Random cyber space?”

The coins are at your bitcoin wallet address, but it doesn’t know how to represent MAID.
If the BTC wallet is a desktop wallet, there is a chance you can recover the MAID yourself by importing the private key of the BTC address that received the MAID into the Mastercore wallet or any online MAID wallet that support private key importing.
Be aware that the private key of the BTC address also holds the BTC balance of that address, it does not represent the whole amount of your wallet, only the BTC sent to that particular address.
I hope this help you recover your coins.
Best regards,
J G”


If you keep ignoring the existing knowledge (and early on I suggested to search for “masterxchange, wallet”, didn’t I?), you will bankrupt yourself.


I have searched the forum and everyone said that i can store maidsafecoin in any BTC address. Turns out you can’t and need a specific maidsafe address, not sure why no one told us in this thread when asked…i really wonder how do people store their maidsafecoin and where do i get a maidsafecoin address.
I think an easy step by step guide to store them would be very useful for a lot of people and will stop filling the board with the same questions
I have probably lost some $ too :frowning:


You don’t need a “specific” Maidsafe address, you need a bitcoin address that you have the private key to.
At a crypto exchange, addresses are almost regularly not controllable by end users.
Even at MasterXchange, you don’t have the private keys, but the difference is they have Omni s/w so they can “interpret” the content of your address using Omni s/w and recognize MAID at any address.

Don’t mistake my calls for checking the existing content for an unwelcoming attitude.
If somebody reads previous topics and says “I read this and that post and now I’m planning to send my MAID to such and such place, is that a good idea?” then that is be great, especially if the subject was descriptive enough to help the next person who might want to search for help related to the same or similar scenario.


Hi there. You’re right this is a discussion forum. But when you ask a question and people show you some topics which hold some answers, maybe it not a good idea to reply like this:

This shows that you don’t even take help when it’s offered to you. And no, we don’t want a zillion new topics on this forum all asking the same questions over and over again. People should use search, dive a bit into the subject and than ask some questions if they have some. All my questions were always answered on this forum. Even while some of them got answered before. Sometimes you just can’t find the right topic back. But at least show you tried.

No we don’t. When someone starts a topic without any effort and search, just asking things that were answered before and are easily to find, we delete the topic. This is because people put a lot of time and effort in this forum and in the community. We don’t want the forum to be filled with a big number of the same questions. So far I think we are very open to all opinions, critics etc. as along a people put in some effort and search before they ask.


This is not correct. I run the Bitcoinwallet at home and I sent a lot of Maidsafe to it. I have the private keys to the address which I can import in my omniwallet. After I do that my coins will show up there. it is some work but it can be done.

This is probably correct for the Poloniex system. They create a different address for Maidsafe. But that is a bitcoin-address as well.

So the key question is, where did you sent these Maidsafe coins? Is it an address at home? Running the client?


I have half of my Maidsafecoins at Just make an account, store your login and pass on different places (nobody can help you to get it back, this site doesn’t know your login, it never leaves your browser!).
Go to Ploniex, buy some coins and send them to your address at omniwallet. This address IS a Bitcoin-address but the website will “read it” using the master/omni-protocol. So on the bitcoin-addres, you’ll see a little transaction like 0.00000546 BTC coming in. But the master/omni-wallet will read it and recognize the Maidsafecoin.

Poloniex uses a different Bitcoin-address for the storage of Bitcoins and Maidsafecoin. That’s why they say it’s different, but both are Bitcoin-addresses. When you look at your balances on Poloniex you’ll see the addres they use for Maidsafecoin.

No look what happends when I press the generate button:

See? I created an address. It is a Bitcoin-address but Poloniex will recognize this as a Maidsafe-address so when I send MAID from my home to them, I have to use this address for it. And when I want to withdraw, I have to use my omniwallet-address. Again, this is a bitcoin-address but the omniwallet-website will read it and sees the MAID come in.

Some people don’t trust omniwallet for the full 100% (although they can never steal your coins, because they don’t have your password and login) so they store them offline, as a “cold storage”.



Turns out you can’t and need a specific maidsafe address, not sure why no one told us in this thread when asked

To clarify, this is incorrect. The Poloniex response was wrong, and you can see that the follow up responses contradict the initial response.

There is no such thing as a MAID address. MAID are always stored at a BTC address - but only an Omni wallet can see them, or move them.

The only important thing, as I stated to @goindeep is that you own the private key (so don’t send to a BTC address on an exchange!).

@goindeep has not lost any coins because he had the private key to his BTC address, and can use that to “import” into (really: give access to) the Omni wallet when he wants to view or move them.

@goindeep was provided with the correct information on this forum, and posted incorrect information from elsewhere.