How to store maidsafe?

I can confirm that there is no problem with addresses starting with 3


I can also confirm that there is no problem with addresses starting with 3

I can also confirm that there is no problem with storing maid in trezor


I wish I had known Poloniex was delisting MAID and I lost my coins :frowning:

They were so deceptive about it - initiating it all just before Christmas 2019, and into January - the exact month of the year that I disconnect from email for several weeks.

What’s the up-to-date information on MAID wallets? Which is the best/easiest/safest to use? I’m going to purchase more coins ready for safecoin in he future.

Also, which exchange is easy to buy coins from?! I’ll have to set up a new account.



That’s awful!! Yeah, Poloniex was unnecessarily sketchy about the whole thing.

Right now the most reliable exchange is Bittrex INTL. If you’re in the US, however, you’re somewhat out of luck (although Changelly may work).

In terms of storing MAID, you may find this thread useful: [How To]: Buy/Move/Store MAID - hardware and software wallets.


I advise you to write to them and want them to send you your MAID. If they refuse to return them to you, threaten them with court :dragon:


I wrote to them a few times - I complained that only 30 days notice was given.

They categorically claimed that they cannot return the assets - i.e. they have been delisted - and, while a record remains that I held them, they cannot be accessed (which I took to mean deleted)

I said that I couldn’t understand why they didn’t forcibly convert the MAID into BTC in Poloniex, to avoid the problem. They said that would take that idea under advisement.

They were ambigious about their exact location…and I had figured that it would be a mountain of work to even begin to know what legal rights we would hold in that jurisdiction as coinholders too…

The whole thing really got me down - I didn’t have a huge huge investment BUT it’s the principle, isn’t it? A real-world example of caveat emptor I guess - I’ve concluded that it was my fault for not putting the coins into an OMNI wallet :frowning: If I’ve concluded incorrectly, do tell me!

I’d be happy to share the responses I had from Poloniex if it would be of real use to somebody who might want to initiate legal action. I for one don’t have he resources :frowning:


@Dimitar sorry I forgot to make sure this was sent as a reply to you.

Thank you and please see my longer post below your one for more info on what Poloniex said. I’m not in the US so I’ll try Bittrex and also get myself an OMNI Wallet when I buy more MAID. I had held those coins since 2016 too!

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It’s not your fault, friend… They stole them from you. As I said before, when turning MAID into Safecoin, it should NOT be given to their address to claim the stolen coins. They are immoral, thieving company and should not be allowed to benefit from their theft and the MaidSafe company has the power not to allow it. So please @dirvine think about it :dragon:

@Dimitar What do you mean by “When turning MAID into Safecoin, it should not be given to their address to claim the stolen coins?”

Are you suggesting that Poloniex stole the coins to later exchange them for Safecoins?

That’s a huge thing for me to digest. If that could seriously be the case, I’d be happy to share information with @dirvine (who I know is the founder of this project) or any other trusted authority on the MAIDsafe team that he might want to direct me to. I have the emails I most recently sent and received from Poloniex, as well as records when I bought the MAIDsafe coins in 2016, including (I believe) the Poloniex Maidsafe address(es).

If any of this might be useful let me know. However if Poloniex have stolen the coins they would have just moved them somewhere else and then will exchange them in the future. I don’t see any way that Maidsafe can know stolen coins from any other coins?

Thanks for thinking this through for me and reassuring me that this was not my fault. I am hard on myself however because I have read the general advice not to leave coins on an exchange - but I suppose we don’t expect the exchange itself to steal them!

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We know the address of the stolen coins. Yes, not all are stolen. Some of them were won honestly. But if the police catch a thief and he has more money in him than he stole, should he be allowed to spend all the money?

I’m having trouble seeing this page you linked to, but I believe it’s my connection at the moment. The page comes up blank for me.

Well, I hope that something happens. I’ll see if I have MAID addresses held with the exchange, and then maybe from there the blockchain might show if there was movement?

I find your message encouraging at the very least, to know that the MAID team is keeping an eye on things, as much as they can. Thank you. I’m glad you’re aware of the issue. No doubt there was a lot of stress from many users in January, and I guess there are many others who lost their coins too.

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I’ll log off now, but let me know if anyone on the team or @dirvine might want the information I have about my (likely) stolen coins, and where and how to share that info, if relevant.

Thank you!

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I am afraid Poloniex don’t correspond with us. It’s a shame but they seem to have taken a very abrasive approach to some projects. I do feel they can and should credit folk back who still have coins, even at an increased charge or similar. They do not seem to have any intention of doing so.

In terms of your own data it’s best you keep it as we don’t keep data on any community members as it’s a bit of a privacy thing and also GDPR issues could be problematic. A good thing actually, but if you keep the data then it may help others later on or even to help launch a group request/inquiry into the dealings of some exchanges like this.


David, if it is legal for them to steal people’s money with 1 month notice, then what prevents the MaidSafe company from giving them 1 month notice to prove that the money in their address was acquired legally and third parties have no claims on them?

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We have no authority or jurisdiction to help really. We are a bunch of Engineers and one Admin person. There’s no way we could launch any kind of legal project like that. The fact they would not answer would mean we would need to take action that’s costly and time consuming and ultimately would just hurt everyone.
Best at times to brush it off and get on with life. There are always gonna be scammers and deceitful individuals and businesses. Seems part of life, where years ago we hunted food and sometimes failed and nowadays that’s easier but the very thing that allows easy commerce is the very thing that sometimes fails (money).


But I think you can do it very easily. In Hex, Richard Heart excluded the bitcoin address of the Mt. Gox lawyer from the claims, and they could not claim the free Hex. What prevents MadeSafe from adding 1 line of code that the address of the thieves Poloniex cannot claim SafeCoins?

Technically Maidsafe could do this, but David Irvine is not Richard Heart. I know nothing of Richard, so can’t comment on him, but I can’t see that course of action being consistent with the David I know.

It would also put him and Maidsafe in jeopardy, which again I can’t see David doing unless he felt it was necessary for the success of this project.

I get the anger people feel over this, of course I do. Most of us are here because we care about such things, but I agree with David that most times it is better for us to set that side and focus on doing what we can in a positive direction rather than get into conflict. Anger can generate a lot of positive energy, or consume it without benefit.


You would be playing wackamole. Just move to new address or move to multiple address with leak that they sent back the Maid to prople’s addresses.

Also how much of it was the fees people paid which is totally legal to use

EDIT: I answered more verbose in the topic for this - sorry for posting here first


Thank you @dirvine @Dimitar @happybeing and @neo for your comments and thoughts on the matter.

My personal view is that if it were possible to take the Poloniex MAID address(es) at the date that they completed the “delisting,” and to track across the blockchain any movements out of that address AFTER the delisting date, (track as many movements as possible) it would be fair to say that these are “stolen” coins. Because the delisting was public knowledge, I don’t see how any laws are being broken. If Poloniex claims that after the delisting date the assets don’t exist, it does seem reasonable for Maidsafe to “delist” their addresses and any addresses that can be proved to link to Poloniex thereafter.

Having said all of that however, I accept that it might be “whackamole.” I don’t personally fully understand the blockchain to a deep level, and the potential technicalities of trying to track coins, and I wouldn’t endeavour to ask Maidsafe to take that responsibility. What I would say though is, if the company does know some coins to be definitively stolen, I hope that they will act on that knowledge.

@Dimitar takes a strong moral view and I respect that, thank you. @dirvine balances that with the reality that sometimes these injustices happen and there is little that can be done when we have few resources. Thank you for all for your points. With some faith things may yet work out. I guess the first point in trying to pursue Poloniex (for those who want to) would be to check if they are regulated. I think they’re in Panama aren’t they? Maybe regulation (or lack of) is why they moved there though.