How to send MAID from Omni wallet?

Hey guys, I just joined to this community!
Bought some maid from poloniex few days ago and send them to omni wallet (I want to keep MAID for long time) but I heard that to keep maid in omni wallet for long time is not very safe… So now I want to send MAID somewhere… I think like Maybe someone could explain how to step by step send these MAID from omni wallet to bitcoin address?

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Ignore the source you heard that from… omniwallet is fine; it’s just a tool for visibility.

Omniwallet offers you option to export the private key… so, take that and store it safely and it’s as good as can be. Omniwallet actions are client side and there are no issues with it.


Welcome to the club :+1:.

OMNI should be quite safe, always make sure to download the backup file locally. Bitaddress is ideal for creating a cold wallet. Make sure to ALWAYS be in control of your private keys. These could be imported to omniwallet later on. Another option is to run a local omniwallet.

I use both a cold_wallet (made on bitaddress) and an online omniwallet.


Same here.

The safest option is probably cold storage on a bitaddress or equivalent key pairing, then import ‘address only’ into Omniwallet so you can view it in your wallet without needing to expose your private key to the internet until you’re ready to send them somewhere.

It’s probably safer on Omniwallet with 2FA than leaving it on an exchange, but if it is a decent chunk of change that you plan on holding for a long time then it’s worth the 5 minutes of effort to ‘cold store’ it imo - peace of mind > convenience in that case and it is very easy to do. :slight_smile:


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