How to sell safecoin to get money?

Now we can trade bitcoin or sell it to person who want bitcoin…

But how about safecoin?
Do we need to transfer back to bitcoin and to make safecoin able for sell?

How safecoin will be?


I think that depends on whether exchanges support Safecoin and whether those exchanges have Safecoin/fiat pairs or just Safecoin/crypto pairs. My hunch is that since exchanges like Bittrex and Poloniex already carry MAID, I think it would make sense for them to facilitate the conversion of MAID into Safecoin when the network launches. In that case they should support Safecoin. Pushing for fiat trading pairs would make sense since Safecoin is technically its own thing and not blockchain based. Personally, I’d consider this matter just as much (if not more) a marketing task than a technical one. My two cents.


My point is ,is it possible no need transfer back to bitcoin and directly sell safecoin to get real money?:joy::joy:

Thats why bitcoin keep going UP when more crytop shows up?:thinking:

Should be as you can farm safecoin on your cellphone or laptop. Just pull out your phone and transfer a few coins in exchange for a wad of cash. Since safecoin should transfer instantaneously without tx fees or a blockchain lagging it up it should be even easier for local trading to take place.


There will end up being a p2p exchange on SAFE imo, DEX’s are popping up all the time and they will keep improving… localsafecoins ™. SAFE is the perfect platform to create a DEX with no infrastructure costs, and if the developer is smart they’ll make it zero fees and reap a lot of PtD rewards from the network as the site becomes huge. :wink:


Yeah, I think there will have to be a p2p exchange on SAFE. It’s my understanding that safecoin will be fine within the safe network, but not possible to send outside of the safe network due to it not being on a blockchain and therefore possible issues like double spend, etc. We are able to send maidsafe coins to outside exchanges as they are on the blockchain, but not so much with safecoin.


Well, other currencies only exist in their blockcains and SAFECoin will only exist in its network. You could still spend it outside of the network or buy/sell through a clearnet exchange, the exchange would just need to interact with SAFE on entry and exit of the coins, as they do with blockchain assets. All the trades on exchanges happen off-chain, they only settle when money is moved off the exchange. Likewise wallets and payment processors can all interact with SAFE if you possess a Safe Wallet. Since SAFE is its own network one would imagine most activity with SafeCoin will happen on the network, but it’s no different to any other crypto really… apart from being a millions times better :wink:


Zero fees makes me a bit worried, I’am afraid it will lead to huge oportunities for market manipulation. If you can make endless exchange transactions there will be huge oportunities for price manipulation. Everything that can be missused, will be missused, it is the nature of the world and humans.

As I remember the transaction is not free rather a very small fee was applicable. Moreover when you use Safecoin a part of it would be destroyed as I remember.

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Yes, that is true, but I believe that a minimum of somewhere around 0,5-1% of every investment is needed for a system that will prevent missuse.

I think you’re getting SafeCoin network fees mixed up with currency exchange trading fees


This is the kinda App I am interested in on the SAFE network for early launch. I would love to fund/code such a venture once all portions of whats needed at a lower network level have been exposed to us. Also the fact users have to spend safecoin to “use” the website on the network concerns me for an exchange, so every transaction users would be spending safecoin to trade other crypto’s and such it sounded like based on how safe works.


You are right, didn’t catch what kind of fee it was, sorry.


what is DEX?(20characters)

Distributed EXchange Or Decentralised EXchange depending on your definitions

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