How to "Reply As New Topic"

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Reply On New Topic is still there: click the link icon under the post. Then “+ New Topic” (on mobile - maybe slightly different on desktop).


Thanks @happybeing.

On Chromium Desktop Browser. It is still there, from my memory it is a different set up, seems more hidden now and not as clear.

It is now a two-step process, when i hover over the “link icon” the description says “share a link to this post”. I click on that even though the description is not what I want to do, then I am given the options of twitter, fb, and mail, to the right of that is “+ New Topic”. Hovering over “+ New Topic” gives the description “Reply as linked topic”.

From my memory, the “Reply as a linked topic” used to be a one step process.

I find this confusing @discourse Regis ! lol. But, yeah, it’s still there. Thanks.

I had the same problem a while ago and Francis helped me out. I’ve don’t think anyone will use the feature as it is now so hidden, so it’s very much less useful.

Didn’t we used to push this feature to keep people from straying off-topic? Perhaps mods don’t have this issue anymore :joy: