How to properly store MaidSafe in a paper wallet

I just traded Bitcoin for MaidSafe on Poloniex. I also have established a bitcoin address/paper wallet via bitaddress. My question is this: is it as simple as withdrawing the MaidSafe I now have at Poloniex and send it to the Bitcoin Paper Wallet address? Or is there something I’m missing.

I have already seen the video titled, “How to buy maidsafecoins using bitcoins on” and found the instruction somewhat confusing and ambiguous… hoping someone can clear this up for me. thanks!

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It is that simple. Transfer takes a couple hours. You can check your balance with Omniwallet.

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Yes, you can send them to that paper address. To get the coins back to Poloniex or so, you need to import the private key of that address to Omniwallet. The same applies when you store them at your local bitcoin-client.

Sir, Is it must that the private key of a paper wallet used for MAID should be start with letter “5” ? I am in confusion, please clear it Sir. Thanks

No. Any BTC address can hold MAID

There are different ways of representing a private key, but ultimately the key is the same regardless of its representation. The more important question would be what formats does the wallet that you are planning on using support. Refer to: Private key - Bitcoin Wiki

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For omniwallet the import function really only accepts private key encoding that has “5” at the beginning. It has problems with the other encodings even though it says it will accept the other encodings.

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