How to Outsource your (App, etc) ideas to Coders

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and messages lately about developing apps (@rblock , sanders @19eddyjohn75 etc) integrating with SAFE, etc, and a tool I always end up recommending is

It’s great for people who don’t really know any developers or have your own dev groups in person yet and just want a quick and cheap version of their app / idea created. You can find freelancers from 180 countries there with all sorts of skills, from Javascript to C and even all sorts of things (writing & editing is big on there). Pretty much any task that someone can do on a computer can be hired out on this website.

I’m not getting paid for this or anything, I just have been getting lots of questions from people about how they can make a cheap version of their app quickly, so I refer them there. I’ve used it for years, back when it was (UpWork bought them out) and it’s always had the best selection.

You can pay hourly but I usually like to pay by the job, like you can set a price–$40, let’s say–and write up a job description–make a functional website that does X, Y, Z… etc–and then post your job there. I found best results by then searching the categories of freelancers (search “Javascript” under skills list) and sending job invitations to as many freelancers as possible. I would usually get around a 75% reply rate.

Here’s a tutorial video, and I’m always here for anyone wanting to make SAFE Apps! They’re what’s going to make this network really take off, so keep sending me your questions! Always here for you guys!

I want to see more of your guys’ SAFE App ideas come to life!!


I look forward to 0 percent fee free lance website on safenet.


Yeah me too but this is a step by step process, with that being the ultimate goal.

I know UpWork takes a ugly cut from the payment. You can say the same thing about eBay or any other clearnet that tries to monopolize an area. Taking their cut is how the current internet operates, and we’re all trying to change that with SAFE. But it’s not changed yet :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you really trust the ppl you are hiring then you can organize un-escrowed, outside payment with PayPal etc.

But I just want everyone here to be able to get their apps up and running, so I’m still supporting this :slight_smile:


I face the same problems as you guys. I’m thinking of open sourxing the software and set bounties for each issue that need fixes. Maybe via or something.