How to move my Forum account to somewhere safe?

Ive told everyone that my main google account was hacked, but luckily I’m still logged in to these forums on my main work pc here.

I wanted to see if there was any way I can move my WhiteOutMashups forum account here to some other google account or just somewhere safe that hasn’t been hacked.

Does anyone know any way to do that? I have such a long history with this account and really don’t want to lose it, or be in danger of other people logging into it and posting horrible thnings

thanks guys

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How did your email get hacked?

It shouldn’t be possible with strong 24 random generated character PW. If you are using doze 8, 10 then there’s your problem. It’s a legalized keylogger machine. If Microshit can access to it, so can hackers. Ditch Doze, and go linux. If you store any information on google, then you’re doing it wrong. If you want stronger security email, then try tutanota. But I cannot make promises that tutanota will not be taken down… gov would say, “protecting terrorist communications, and snowden uses it” Like lavabit, it will be taken down.

Best step for me is to go linux, then change your gmail PW. After that, change all of your PW on every website account under your gmail.


Check your PM. @frabrunelle was already on it, he can merge your accounts as far as I understand :+1:


Thanks guys!

and they hacked it by using Metro PCS’s shotty security to port over (steal) my actual phone number, which I had as a security phone number for my gmail account. So once they had my phone number, they did a password reset via text message to steal it. I’ve read that it’s becoming a very widespread hacking method these days, since phone companies are a very weak link in terms of security.

Metro PCS acutally admitted that they fell for a stupid ploy and GAVE MY SECURITY QUESTION ANSWER TO THE HACKER WHEN HE PLAINLY ASKED FOR IT LOL forget that company!!

I knew it was a risk using that ghetto cheap budget phone serice anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also you can have a password for the forum and never use google.

I simply log on to the forum with a password. Personally I never use the facebook/google shortcuts for log on. Maybe I am that way because I don’t have a facebook account and only use google in a minor way.


I never use federated logins either, but because it’s bound to be used to track my interests and activity. Just one more trick where corporations offer convenience in exchange for relinquishing privacy, without actually telling you what they are taking.


yeah that’s a great idea, looks like we’ve done that.

all of what you guys have said has proven to be true, and worse, in my particular case here :stuck_out_tongue:

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