How to move maidsafecoin out of wallet without exposing private key?

I understand the omniwallet protocol thats built on top of the bitcoin protocol is how maidsafe coin, as it currently exists, is stored. But the only instructions about moving it, when the day comes it can be transferred into safecoin, is to submit ones private key to a 3rd party,

Is there any way to move maidsafe coin out of ones wallet without giving the private key to some untrusted service? I say that since they possess the ability to steal your coins with your private key and therefore cannot be trusted. I would also say that if there isnt a way (and after reading some similar threads on here which gave no definitive answer) then safe coin isnt very safe.


If you are moving them all then its really not a problem since once moved they cannot get your MAID and if you move all your remaining BTC out as well then there is no issue.

Anyhow there is a way to keep your private key private. Download and run omni core and its then all on your PC. It may not be an option due to the size of the blockchain and time required to sync.

Also read up on and I am pretty sure that they don’t get to see your private key either since its encrypted and your password is needed to decrypt the key on the PC running it.


Another option with the Omni website is setting up Armory offline signing


frankly - for a layman like me, when the day comes - I would like someone to give me 3 point step by step instructions to transfer my maidsafe from omniwallet to safecoin. If it does not involve private key etc, it would be better. I fear exposing it.

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Is the date of the release of safe coin know yet?

Yes, the same time as the network launches. The coin lives on the network and cannot exist in a tradeable form before.

As to when the network launches there is no date, it will launch when its ready.