How to move Maidsafe from Wallet to Omni Wallet - Step by Step

Posting blow by blow instructions because I did not find them here.

For those who have their coins in their wallet and want to move them to their wallet at

Obviously you need to be able to open your wallet. If you cannot, then none of this applies.

While wallet is open Click on "Setting"s (on left column)
Click on "Addresses"
Find the address that your coins are attached to.

(I only had one, so this was not a challenge. If you have multiple addresses, While in your personal wallet: Copy each of the bitcoin addresses one at a time,and go to and insert each address in the “check balances” window. Check each address until you find the one that shows your maidsafe attached. It will show your Maidsafe balance when you insert the correct bitcoin address.)

To the right of your correct bitcoin address: click on "More Options"
From the drop down:menu choose "Private Key"
skip the warning and
Copy your private key.

Now go to and click on “Wallet Details”

WARNING! You are about to enter your private key on an online service. If you have a good deal of money attached, I was told that you might want to do this offline. At the bottom of the page is a ZIP file. You can download that and apparently, this gives you the ability to convert your private key while offline.I did not do this, but understand it is possible)

Insert your private key, and scroll down to the first WIF address option (51). It will show a QR code and beneath that a long string of 51 numbers and letters. Copy this address.
(close the window immediately as a safety precaution.)

Then log in to your Omni Wallet
Click on "Add Address"
Chose "add from private key"
Insert your 51 character WIF private key and click next. And viola. You should now see the your bitcoin address with your attached Maidsafe coins.

You are welcome! Took me two days, and a good 6 hours to figure this out.


Just realized how to locate correct bitcoin address your Maidsafe are attached.
While in your personal wallet: Copy each of the bitcoin addresses one at a time,and go to and insert each address in the check balances window. Check each address until you find the one that has your maidsafe attached. It will show your Maidsafe balance when you insert the correct bitcoin address.


I think you should change the subject of this post. You havent moved them anywhere.

If all you want to do is see your holding then just put your public key into You don’t need a wallet for this.

If you need to send your MAID somewhere, you need to create an omniwallet and enter your private key in omniwallet.

I just use an address from, to which i send all my MAID from poloniex. I keep them off the exchange for 2 reasons: 1. to avoid credit risk to the exchange; and 2. to prevent me selling them on an insane whim (it will take time to send to the exchange before I can hit sell, by which time I probably will have changed my mind)


You might want to read the post again. This is specifically about how to move them to a wallet that you can spend them from. I could not spend them from the wallet, so I moved them to the omniwallet, and now and I actually spend them.

1 Like has instructions on their site. A google search finds it easy enough :wink: Thought you might like to know.

How to export your Private key from so you can import it into

Also the wallet ONLY holds the keys, a wallet does not hold coins. So technically you are not moving anything when using a different wallet. In fact you can use two wallets alternatively without changing anything.

You are right though if you want to move send your MAID coins elsewhere then you need to import your private keys into wallet (or similar one)

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I google searched for hours and got all manner of different instructions, and had to cobble them all together to figure this out. Just trying to save people the hassle I went through. Seems like this info should be HERE and be obvious for the mildly techie people.


No Problems and thanks for the topic really. Just thought you might like to read omniwallet’s method.

If you search this forum for “” it will bring it up

And for future reference you can search google (startpage uses google but anon)


StartPage is a brilliant find. Thanks you for that.


The phrase “the wallet only holds the keys” is the one I should have used to express myself ,more clearly. The point is that as long as you have the private key you can “view” your coins without moving them. You cannot do this if you hold them on the exchange. But you only need to import your private key to the wallet if you want to send them. So if you import just your public key to the wallet for viewing, but want to send some somewhere and are esepcially paranoid, you could import your private key, send your coins to wherever you need to and then send the balance of coins to a newly created address, for which the private has never been uplaoded anywhere. Then import publc key to your omniwallet for viewing

Well, that’s my security method, anyway…


Just in case any new people get confused you only need the public address to “view” your coins (on say

@Astroman I realise it was a typo but new people already semi confused by public - private - etc might not realise it.


Edit: What I’ve said below is wrong, sorry. It’s correct to say tat when you do an omniwallet backup “This json file contains every address and private key (if known) for the addresses in your wallet at the time of backup”.

This is an address IMPORTED to your Omniwallet. It was imported by exposing, copying and pasting a private key I assume. If you have backed up your Omniwallet, I don’t think this address will be part of your backup.

Because the private key has been exposed, and the address is not an integral part of this Omniwallet, it’s worth considering sending your MaidSafecoin to one of the addresses which is integral to your new Omniwallet setup.

If you do this you can be more confident about the security of the private key, and about the backeduptedness of your address/wallet.

N.B. I know that ‘backeduptedness’ isn’t accepted as a real word (although I think it is one :rofl:).

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I’d assume it was backed up with omni keys - it would be very worrying and potentially cause some people big problems if that was the case.


Yes, sorry for the misinformation. I edited my post to say that the json backup includes all key in the wallet at the time of the backup. I guess I was thinking along the lines of backup seeds with deterministic wallets or something (I don’t remember what I was thinking at the time!).

Thanks @happybeing for correcting me.

I would say that during the process of transferring the private key into the omniwallet there is potential for the key to be exposed (keyloggers etc…). Depending upon the amounts it’s worth considering transfering to one of the “native” omniwallet addresses. Bit paranoid though!:grinning: