How to keep puppets and criminals out of US high offices

Foreign powers both hostile and friendly, organized crime, political parties, corporations, self appointed oligarchs and erstwhile puppets or people acting under duress should be effectively dissueded (even where there is durress) from pursuing placing puppets in office because they understand it will almost certainly result in prosecution and removal while in office. High office holders have to be clear there is a higher standard and much greater level of scrutiny. Also that leaving office or resignation will not stop investigation and prosecution. We want compromised people kept out and we want to encourage the immediate resignation of people where there is any real question.

For the president, vice president, speaker of the house and sc justice. The following higher standard they will be held to:

  1. No statute of limitations on any felony offense for the rest of their lives backward and forward

  2. No possibility of presidential pardon, parole or probation

  3. Mandatory minimum sentencing set to maximums

  4. Prosecution and removal while in office

  5. Forfeiture of total assets where the office was used as a means to ill gotten gain and unjust enrichment.

  6. Law requiring the pursuing of bribery and coercion in these matters all the way to the end of chain of causation without a statute of limitations with publication of every settled matter as soon as it settled without the ability to classify any of it. Investigations stay open indefinitely or until successful conclusion only a super majority vote of house and senate can stop an investigation. Any attempt to change any aspect of an investigation (including such investigations which predate their term) by a president or vice president starts an impeachment inquiry by the house, trial in the sennate and required vote on impeachment.

  7. Holding these office means none of their immediate relatives or decendents will be eligible to run for elected office for 100 years- where violation of this condition will lead to prosecution of both parties under the terms above. Any member acquited is still barred from those offices for life, no do overs.

All of this is constitutional because the people have the absolute right to be free of tyrranny.

We have the 25th ammendment. We have a vice president we have other justices we have other members of the house as stand ins. We can’t have a President setting bad precedents or encouraging tax evasion or have the US aiding and abetting crime. We can’t have career criminals or puppets in office. We have the current situation because we failed to do what we should have done with Nixon and because we allowed our media to become formatted arround a money based conflict of interest.

This is required because a soft conquering through top down capture is akin to military defeat because it implies capture of the nation’s arms and law enforcement.

We also need a means to prosecute parties. Hillary and the DNC still need to be held accountable for the obvious primary theft because more than anything else that allowed the current situation.

How to get this through? A viable candidate (like a Sanders) just has to read some version of at the beginning and end of every speech during the campaign and throughout their time in office. If that is done it will have more force than a constitutional ammendment.

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Hopefully such higher standards will become reality in the not too distant future for your country.
Ps Is Elizabeth (family of yours? :slight_smile: ) a good enough candidate according to you?
She is not a friend of Zuckerberg, it seems:

I got a problem with all this. Like all of it being the United States. Too much focus is put on the president. Correct me if I’m wrong but i thought the original design was to have three separate offices of power. Senate, House, and the Prez. I know this shift happened on how power is distributed in the 90s. Executed in early 2k. Then continued in 2019. Sadly Obummer never really received much flak for increasing the surveillance state. But i thought the original design was to have checks and balances. Not be China’s B****. Maybe I’m wrong. Probably so. Somebody pass me some meds please! Because the problem truly is me.

What is also funny is I’m told to play by the rules in the United States. Yet I have a hard time listening to anybody spewing that crap because I know for a fact they aren’t following the rules. A good example of this would be an employee of a financial institution telling me that I should have a phone number because of the Patriot Act to use their services? LMFAO Really? I am forced to have a telephone to participate in financial transactions in the United States? And yet the Patriot Act is a violation of the Constitution. My country was sold out a very long time ago. The problem now is the American people are building up the courage to hold those responsible. So is that really a problem? Well not for me. But for those that continue to enact laws that support tyranny? YES IT IS A BIG PROBLEM. I also question how much of the military is actually running our country and not the American people. If major Corporations are considered people. Then have the right to vote. And are then receiving contracts from the military? I’m starting to see a connection there. Wow that took a F***** PHD to figure that out.

Also, the illusion is over. I’m all for drinking the Koolaid it’s just imma setup my own 10gallon jug of koolaid with “purified” ice cubes. I mean blessed Ice Cubes. The water used was actually blessed by a rock priest. The priest literally lives under a rock. Takes the perverted concept of God and makes it pure again. That’s after stepping out from under the rock to perform this exorcism. Then we all realize that God really isn’t all of these insane emotions that are described to us in the Bible. But God really is the ideal of peace. True love is mixed in there somewhere. True love not really being an emotion but just a dash of empathy. AKA understanding. Or a desire to get along. So maybe it is an emotion maybe it isn’t. Maybe even a hint of a will to leave the earth a better place then we found it? And we are required to keep these concepts close to our heart.

On the note of the DNC issue. I really appreciate this issue happening. It sparks a discussion that anything is possible as long as you pass a law to support it. So if the internal investigation comes back with issues we pass laws to make sure those issues won’t be issues in the future. We then carry on with business as usual. Maybe a punishment of a weeks paid leave on a tropical Island. This tropical island also has stripper poles and enough blow to even make drug king pins go DAMN. (The blow is provided by ours truly…the “intelligence community”. Who really engage in the drug trade as to avoid taxation. Or any type of money trail. But i’m getting off on a tangent.) I love that idea. I’m going to pass a law that all law enforcement be under 24 hour surveillance. Except when on punished paid leave. The intelligence community is now tasked with not watching other countries but our own Law Enforcement. Making sure that unlawful search and seizure (initiated in the FISA courts) is carried out in a very professionally Neo Nazzi way. We also need to change some of the acronyms of these institutions. Instead of the FBI it should be something like the Bureau of Political Violence. Or the Bureau of Manipulating Justice for Political Gain for the highest bidder. Or the Supporting Bureau for Human Trafficking? That’s a goody. Lemme know if my spelling is off. I would hate to fowl up your models for training. _ | _

Besides higher standards, you could also argue that atm the POTUS has too much power: too much centralization of power in 1 person.
But on the other hand, if you have a good president (subjective of course), good decisions can also be taken quicker.
In the past I did find it sometimes frustrating that e.g. the EU was not really decisive or couldn’t get anything done in comparison to the USA. Probably in part because of the USA president can force things. Now I understand that this probably wasn’t that bad.

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On some issues the president can force things. the problem with that office is ultimate power ultimately corrupts. i get it, politics at the end of the day is about money. I’m not dumb but there is a part of me that would hope there is some rational thought left in my country. it’s also a LMFAO moment when everybody points to one man or woman and expects him/her to fix all the problems in the world. because at this point that seems to be the requirement. which is an impossible requirement i might add. and when did adults stop taking responsibility for their own lives?

i guess when it was OK to start blaming a white male for all their issues. i guess when American white women started yelling that intercourse was also rape. even though at the moment it was completely consensual. which there are more and more cases coming to light on that subject. yet the lives that were destroyed will never be recovered. wonder why most modern men won’t touch a “western woman”.

if you live under a rock you don’t understand that a child born in the United States is the property of the State. The custodian is the female and possibly the male. however more often than not it becomes a contract between the female and the state. the male is completely 100% to blame and none of the actions of the female are considered. then a paycheck is issued to the female. yeah you wanna start solving problems make it so a female has to prove the child can be taken care of 100% without the state intervening before she even thinks about reproducing. to have sex with an American female is like going to the casino. you gonna loose any money you thought you had. even when you thought you were winning in life. THAT WILL START SOLVING A HUGE AMOUNT OF ISSUES.

hopefully people are not going into law enforcement to get away with things they would otherwise not get away with. but alas a police officer walking into a persons home and shooting them is kind of the norm in my country. any normy pleb that did this would auto magically become a racist if it is two different skin colors or a sexist if it is two different genders or homophobic if it is two different gender identities. where does the insanity stop i mean where does the legalism stop?

that is kind of the norm at this point. it’s not really a shock to read that. I’m hoping for others in other parts of the world it is. which means there is some human sanity left somewhere. i just don’t buy the story “The United States is still the best place for < insert peaceful desire here >”. I have to also make sure that “peaceful” falls under the category of legal. Because that’s all we do here is legalism. like it’s a good thing?.?

the DHS is actually a huge mistake. massive mistake. an issue came up, it was covered up, then nobody bothered to pull back the reigns on the horse. what was that issue? well the American people were never really privy to that information. looks like corruption inside military and financial system. but who really knows right? nobody will ever be accountable for the lives lost in the twin towers attack.

so instead of pulling back the reigns we just added another horse to go twice as fast down a very steep cliff into the abyss. you wanna address the issue of corruption in the United States? Start with that. —>DHS<— Then go after the FBI. then when those are fixed go after the military.

Don’t ask me why the Marshals office is not enough. Except from what I have read the Marshals office started to loose funding and the FBI was gaining funding. that seems to be around the time that corruption was really festering in my country. seems to be around the time JFK was assassinated. that seems to be the general narrative in my country. the ones who stand up to corruption get weeded out. i wonder if the group that killed Lincoln started one of these agencies? wonder if it was the same group that killed JFK? that’s an interesting history lesson. what secret organization’s have started agencies in the United States. From what I understand the Sheriffs department is Constitutionally backed and so is the US Marshals office. Both have strong roots in this land.

I can sum things up for the people that live here and don’t live here. It’s like driving around a city with all the local Police Department just chilling waiting for somebody to break the law. Because at the end of the day every United States Citizen with a social security number and birth certificate is a law breaker. Remember we are law and law is being written about us. Hence the words “rule of law”.

And that’s how you “keep puppets and criminals out of US high offices”. The assumption that everybody is a law breaker is the problem not the solution. KYC/ALM laws don’t actually catch the true criminals just the people that don’t have enough resources to protect themselves. At that point I really don’t consider a father trying to put food on his table for his family a “terrorist”. (I do believe people stealing organs fall under that category though. seems to me that the current prez put a stop to that bullshit. where is the bernsman on that topic? where is the last prez on that subject? prez obummer?) But alas if the puppet masters can’t count all five of your beans you is f*****. I really don’t blame the local drug dealer for trying to get ahead because the local drug dealer realized that criminals have been running this country for generations in suits and tall buildings. The problem with the drug dealer is the drug dealer doesn’t have as many guns as the puppet masters.

Kill the idea that Corporations are people. That was a VERY BAD IDEA. That gives complete autonomy to any foreign entity that has financial interest of turning the US on it’s head. Glass Steagall bad idea. Seems to be a similar concept that a certain Adams was fighting back in the day. But who knows.

wanna start fixing the problems start peeling back the “rule of law” bullshit. the way the system is setup it’s fix by punishment. did nobody stop and think that maybe fix by positive incentive might be better? why is it everybody looks at the president when the senate has 100 members? the house of representatives has 435 members i believe. so how in the f—--- is it all the presidents fault? when does part of the responsibility fall on the previous president? and then the president before that? so on…

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She needs to give back the 4 million she took from insurance companies last cycle and disavow any promises made to them because the insurance industry is a cover for socializing the ever increasing endless losses of the long obsolete and defunct fossil fuel industry- its pure useless extractive destuctive rent seeking at its worst.

At the same time Bernie Sanders needs to stop the talk on Venuzuela because it sounds like sell out talk to the fossil fuel industry and it may be just plain unethical. Both need to talk about cradle to grave high indexed guranteed monthly full replacement incomes for every citizen. And seek to burn at the stake any one that brings up the idiot arguement of the dignity of unnecessary cold sweat treadmilling busy work or tries to make any assertion that non contributing rent seeking whip crackers made any actual contribution or that it wasn’t net negative or nominal and long ago paid off or claim that they don’t have debt due immediately for the lost opportunity cost of denying the people who actually built the country and defended it and for whom it exists to benefit- for denying their inheritance (fruits of automation in the post economic problem post labor-capital era) and who instead stole all the time, energy and self determinative freedom from their lives.
If they talk about job creators (slavery perpetuators and hostage takers) or any supply side trickle down bs they need to eat a pack of soap. No more of these lies!

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That politics comes down to money seems like Marx assertion that the political and the social reduce to the economic. I see the social as a distraction often a ploy by oppressors to distract from oppression. But still I think the political is the core and it shouldn’t come down to money or coercing people over scarcity, especially now.
Much of the legal task is to keep money and power from becoming interchangibly fungible.
Allowing that is a huge conflict of interest if we want freedom.

Glass Stegel was an attempt (an imperfect one) to contain corporate thieving and Adams was on the Federalist side which would have made him more pro corporate rights. But I agree corporations don’t have right only people have rights. To say otherwise is to dilute actual humam rights. And the parties to a contract don’t have rights in the sense of human rights- so a different word should be used. And even more so there are no open ended rights holders. Hume made rights difficult to think about as a construct. But thank the good for Hume!

I’ve heard of the Amber Guyger case (maybe Amber as Safe currency name is not such a good idea). Did you know that also the key witness neighbor of the victim has been shot? Suspicious, to say the least. Edit: according to the police his death is not related with his testimony.
I’m following the situation in the USA a bit, so I’m not that shocked by it. In Belgium, if a police officer shoots at someone, that is often investigated. For example:

or coercing people over scarcity, especially now.
Especially now! Press a button on a digital screen, wait maybe a day at most, and you got your request delivered. It’s gonna be even cheaper and faster once automation fully sweeps through all industries. From material extraction/recycling, to material delivery, to product assembly. Bring it on faster stop delaying.

Why even bother pretending we need a piece of paper and a rubber stamp still? It’s to collect more cellulite! Gotta gather more cultures of cellulite! Possibly foster a few more generations of the idiot cow stare? For what? To hit ultimate idiocracy? Or Epic idiocracy? Think that is level 6 on the scale of 1-5.

Much of the legal task is to keep money and power from becoming interchangibly fungible.
This will be the down fall of the nations that participate in legalism. Baseline set of rules is on the other side of the spectrum!!! It’s way over there compared to where we are at now.

Hmmm you are probably correct in both of these statements. Sadly arguments can be made on how a law is so net positive that people forget to look at the true net negative of a law being passed. But that would require me to go back to my days of reading about this stuff. Lets also be careful on who’s story we tell because in all reality history is just that his story. I do think your logic is sound in correcting me on these two issues. I did a massive brain dump of frustration. Usually happens when I’m distracted from coding. Or require some social interaction and should pursue that here soon. lol

Not familiar with Hume. Will add it to my journey of enlightenment.

Yeah, I wouldn’t let that discourage you or encourage you in deciding the name for Safe currency. I just put it out there as to start forming a narrative on “how to keep puppets and criminals out of US high offices”.

These are hard questions to start answering. Ones that most in society do not want to even ask let alone hear the answer to. Most of it goes back to getting human relations back into some type of sane manner. How do you win? Create huge divides of distrust in society. Especially between the sexes. Or identities or whatever.

Also, too much behavior change has been attempted. It’s not gonna backfire it has backfired. That’s obvious. If i were somebody toying with peoples lives i think i would setup my zombie apocalypse basement right now. Not that there are going to be massive wide sweeping riots of violence. But it would be smart to go hide and not draw attention to yourself anymore. The experiment is over. People are waking up.

Don’t believe me look at the mass exodus of Mormons. Talk about a brainwashing cult. I know 1st hand how destructive this institution is to genuine human relationships. And what a powerful tool it is for the people in charge.

Somebody please explain to me how this crap is still allowed to happen throughout history? This isn’t vagina worship btw. Or being a beta male. This is a human being wondering how nothing has really changed? It just takes more thought to kill. It’s more of a process. Requires law or badges. Or both.

Hypatia of Alexandria was particularly hated by Christians because she was not only a philosopher and a mathematician, but also a woman. She contravened biblical teaching about the role of women and consequently was murdered by a Christian mob, led by a bishop, in March 415. Here is another bishop’s account of her murder:

I just grabbed one of the first examples that was not only an example of standing up to “The Church” with logic and reason. But also the fact that the person was female. What is also funny is I have to stand back and wonder if it isn’t other females that do this crap. Instigated the killing of this Female Mathematician. Meaning the Males are the enforcers but who really dreams these horrific events up? Ever heard of wars were fought over beautiful women? How do you make that happen? True chaos happen? Start killing off beautiful women so there are less attractive females to mate with. I know this is getting down to primal instincts. But those do have to be considered. Even in 2019. Less attractive females more fighting.

Like I truly am starting to question the narrative of the Patriarchy as the all evil oppressor. The Patriarchy is the enforcement but is it really conceiving these truly EVIL acts? Or is the Matriarchy doing that work? I have witnessed first hand how nasty women can be to other women. It’s even worse in my opinion than a minute of boxing between two men.

It’s pretty easy to break up the fight between two men. the ending point is when one starts getting close to killing the other. When it stops being a tiny pissing match. Wrestle or box and get it out of your system. Shake hands. Move on. But when it comes to women that “tiny pissing match” scares me. Fills me with true fear. For the very reason of just how vindictive the female brain can actually be. And it’s F***ing protected by both men and other women.

Case in point, Amber was not at all tired when she shot and killed her upstairs neighbor. Probably a fit of rage. He probably stomped too much for her liking. Too much noise from her upstairs neighbor. If a Man had done this it would have been worse. He would not have received a hug on top of it all. Signifying some type of empathy from the court. Off with his head! That monster!

In my down time i will start putting together stories of pure evil acts committed by women. My suspicions are probably true. They out number the men. They just aren’t reported correctly. Why break a nail when you can get somebody else to do it?

Reminder: Find the female tutor/leader/guide/influence for Alan Greenspan. If memory serves she was around in the 1970s-1980s.

Out of curiosity are you seeing more violence this year than normal? I suspect you are probably like myself. You don’t follow every breaking news story. But do keep a mental note on how the year is going for yourself and the people around you. “Yip tick one more time…wow that seems to be a lot more than usual”.

If you mean where I live (locally): no, I’ve rather the impression that there is less violence. Globally, that is a bit more difficult to accurately guess. The recent developments in Syria on the Turkish border and Hong Kong come to mind.
Ps1: Another female mathematician who should have been treated with more respect: Emmy Noether.
Ps2: It seems to me you’ve had a bad divorce or something like that :sweat_smile: . Not enough women is also a problem:

Iegalism is terrible but rule by money is arbitrary might-makes right where most are reduced to property. In early greek democracy the people themselves considered themselves to be the law. Not in the sense of vigilantism but in the sense of not getting stuck with sacred cows. And we built a system around negative law or what the state can’t do.

I like what I know of what Hume supposedly thought.

Ps2 Response: If you don’t live in the United States I encourage you to come on over and try the toxicity. :slight_smile: You’ll need more than your avg couple of drinks to drown it out. :laughing:

Ps1 Response: Well ya know if your peers are playing with dolls/sticks and you want to use your brain clearly YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Not the humans that only strive to maintain their primal urges and nothing more.

Which the off topic conversation is quickly moving forward. Time to steer back on topic. I do encourage individuals to step outside their little boxes. The shaming jokes are not going to work anymore. For example I was able to get you to respond with the assumption that I have had a bad relationship or relationships. So clearly I am the problem and never the female. Assuming I am a male. Maybe I’m a female and I like females. Nothing wrong with that. I’m all for that on so many levels. One being that it helps to kick those old wives tales out of the park. :slight_smile: Turns out a jealous girlfriend of a female can act just as violent as a boyfriend of a female.

If we really want to start fighting corruption the hard questions will have to be asked. They will also have to be answered. Real accountability! Holding woman responsible will only help to fix things. True equality has happened. I know it’s scary but you can put your big girl pants on. There is no place for Pocahontas or Skelator and all that visa stock. Like either of those two women have had to deal with hardship. What their nail appointments were canceled? They had to wait an hour to go shopping? Or the store didn’t have exactly what they wanted? Please they are a joke. The quicker we stop catering to little girls like those two the quicker my country can move forward. If I was a middle class hardworking woman I would be really pissed off that those two represented what an American woman really was to the rest of the world. Just saying. :slight_smile:

I posted a recent situation with a female officer that received a chilling mild sentence for taking a life. Where the evidence has shown that a male would not be treated the same in the same situation. The sentence would be far harsher.

We also see this in the false claim that women are just not as dangerous on the road as men. A man driving a sports car with all that testosterone is clearly the more likely candidate for an accident. So therefore his insurance rates should be higher. Then the data started poring in. And the insurance rates started sky rocketing for you guessed it! WOMEN! Respect has nothing to do with anything.

People that throw the word respect around I start to question in 2019. I have real concerns for the usage of that word. Do you mean to admire, uplift, care for, be a companion for, be a friend for, and so on…

I do encourage those that believe they will still create behavioral change to go do something else. Outside of clearly breaking the law like murder and so on there is no place for this in the world. The experiment is over. Time to get to work. Time to really fix issues.

It was not my intention to suggest you would be the problem and not the female, should you’ve had a bad divorce or something like that (which is of course pure speculation by me and not to be taken too seriously).
Of course woman should also be held responsible. Do you think that doesn’t happen enough atm?
I’m not from the USA and am not following the situation that closely. However I’ve read that Sanders is seen by many as more honest, reliable and more clearly against money in politics (meaning: less probable to be a puppet) than Warren.
Who is Skelator?

Sanders could be more honest or he may not be. I have no real idea from what little news is scattered around. I can tell you his Mantra is boring. Boring in the sense that he believes Americans are dumb enough to think anything will change if he is put in office. His democratic socialism concept is basically implemented. It’s what we are doing right now.

Department of Defense did a massive take over of Amazon Web Services. Explain to me how that isn’t socialism? I believe the situation was reported in way that it was made to sound that parts of Amazon Web Services were to be used. Or some type of shady legal speak. Speaking of Internet Services as a public utility.

If I wanted to start a really basic ISP in my neighborhood I could go to jail pretty quick for competing with the major corp players in my area. Tell me how that isn’t socialism? The law has been written in a way that kills off competition. Yeah I get it that true socialism is the state owning the corp. But in that scenario the state would show up with badges n guns to stop me from competing against their social monopoly. So tell me again how that isn’t socialism? Because the badges and guns will show if i try to compete.

The argument is that we aren’t true socialism. And true socialism works for places like Denmark, Sweden, and Belgium. First of all if the state of California could be removed as a state that might work. Big might! Setup it’s status as a country like Denmark, Sweden or Belgium; then maybe. Big maybe. The leaders of California have proven to be incapable of running a state. What makes them think they will be able to run a country?

Since we are on the subject of politics. Trump supporters around the nation are showing up in these ghettos or tent cities and cleaning them up. Literally raising a few thousand dollars to remove piles of trash. By the way a cute little tidbit. Those same socialist democrats who believe California should be like Denmark, Sweden, and Belgium drove by those piles of trash. I would say weekly. Maybe daily. It’s downtown L.A. so surely somebody in a Bentley and Armani suite saw the trash. They had to have seen the trash because funds were allocated to clean those trash piles up. Like millions of dollars. On top of that a shelter for the homeless was supposed to be built with those funds. So sure bring on the Democratic Socialism baby!!! Let’s not half way screw it up lets do it all theeeeee wwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy!!! And I believe the Sanders is the perfect person to drive that nail (half way sticking out btw) all the way into the coffin.

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Another line of thought is the Patriot Act gave way to no clear definition of what is constitutional and not constitutional. Hence the bickering back and forth. The Patriot Act gave way to muddling up the waters on what could be done and what could not be done. Once it was passed anything was and is possible. This is part of the reason why my country has lost it’s way. The President that can kill the Patriot Act will stand upon the shoulders of giants. That should be the golden goose if the goal is to etch ones name into time. God be with the person who tries, because the depths of hell will crawl out of the cracks to try to stop you.

Warren, is this the person you are talking about?

Oh on top of that, KILLING the Patriot Act stops the United States Government (and others) from getting something for nothing. As of 2001 the Government can obtain anything for nothing from it’s people. I for one am not going to do something for nothing. I will not allow my ideas to be stolen anymore. Stolen then applied as if it were somebody else’s ideas. All that back pay is gonna cost ya. BIG time. I’m talking with interest never seen before in the history of my country. This should make those oblivious/ignorant/cocky chuckle for a second. Then an arctic chill should run up your spine. :wink:

California is considered the closest thing we have to socialism. That’s where Nanci Pelosi aka Skeletor calls home. :slight_smile:

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True socialism you get rid of the state and get rid of top down. Worst kind of socialism the state is captured by self appointed elites who use it to oppress everyone else.

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Yup! Your description of the “worst kind of socialism” is kind of how California evolved. The mass exodus of people is a pretty tale tale sign. Or how about defecating in the street?

Or this is a good sign that shit has hit the fan. Total break down in the system. You can kinda see why people are leaning more for stronger states rights. More conservative values. Or just plain packed and ready to leave. Hell my bags are packed, sitting on the floor ready, if my country continues to swing more Socialist next year. The pendulum is trying to swing back but the left won’t let it swing back to some kind of checks n balances. The left in my country just went way out there on the other extreme. I’m kinda sitting here in the middle like “uuggghhhh well looks like I might be leaving”.

This individual reminds me of some of the characters I saw in the movie from last night. If you never have seen the movie Inglourious Basterds I suggest you watch it. When a character like Schiff can just show up at your cinema and demand that you “get your ass in the car” you know the worst kind of socialism is implemented. On top of it law enforcement have to carry out orders if Shifty Schiff gives them. Even if they are politically backed and wrong. Hell there was another police officer murder in Fort Worth Texas recently. Tons of corruption in my country. Not sure how much longer I can post like this too. I suspect I will have to watch what I post soon. Meaning I can’t just speak my mind. Because of people like Shifty Schiff. Or as I like to call them Badges n Guns.

That and the Dallas officer are the top pending cases atm. I have no doubt more cases will start coming out around the nation as murder. Most corruption cases are showing some type of badge n gun was involved. This is not a new phenomenon. I think people were afraid of the SS in the past. Just ask the families of the survivors of the 60s and 70s. When a black man couldn’t do xyz. You were likely to be pulled over by a police officer if you were black than if you were white.

Kind of sounds like the worst kind of socialism made it to the United States long before we thought.
Human beings transitioned from Jews to Blacks to “Red Flag” laws. Red flag laws are really for ultimate police authority over private citizens. If anything happens that raises “A Flag” you get badges n guns breaking into your house.

Honestly, I could be raising a “Red Flag” with these posts. My posts are overly critical of powerful people. And those powerful people are demonstrating that they are not mentally fit to have any type of authority.

Last time I checked a vote was needed before an official inquiry. But no vote has taken place. So we are back at the FBI demonstrating that they are politically motivated. Sounds kind of like the Movie I watched last night. Wonder when a Schiff will show up at my cinema and tell me “get your ass in the car”.

Hell it’s not that hard to take over somebodies IP address in the United States. You don’t even really need any proof. Just claim that they were downloading “bad stuff”. Who is going to question you? Nobody at this point!