How to help / become an ambasador

I would like this thread to become a guiding ground for anyone that wants to help the safe network bloom in one’s region.

I for one want to help in greece, any guidance as to how to help and how to become a ambasador would be welcome for me and anyone that wants to do it in one’s country!


A thriving grassroots movement is precisely what we need! Starting meetups is a great way to spread the SAFE Word, as I like to call it. Here’s some of what I shared with @oetyng around important things to consider when launching a meetup:

  • Venue: So far I’ve been able to find places that have allowed us to meet for free. However, every meetup has been in a different location for that reason. We’ve met at incubators/innovation centers and a university campus.
  • Marketing: I’ve found it helpful to get plugged into and leverage the local DLT/blockchain scene. The most recent meetup we had in partnership with an already existing blockchain group was able to help attract new faces. I try to start marketing the meetup at least a few weeks in advance.
  • Style/Themes: For the most part the SAFE Network: Chicago meetups have been more on the informative side than on the social/hangout side. The materials I’ll attach will show you the themes we’ve covered. For the first couple of meetups I tried to sync up with MaidSafe folks to do live interviews. Meetup attendees really enjoyed these, but the time difference was challenging.
  • Materials: I’m including links to the materials I created for the meetups to date. In general, I start the meetups with an intro to MaidSafe and the SAFE Network, so all of the materials have this section.
    SAFE Network_5.30.19.pdf SAFE Network_9.15.pdf SAFE Network_Chicago Launch.pdf
  • Swag/Food: So far MaidSafe has been helpful in providing tee shirts, which I hand out at the meetups. In general I find that free food and drink encourages attendance, so I provide those out of pocket. Some meetups choose to gather in local bars, which provides attendees the opportunity to purchase their own drinks. Even so, at least over here, as the meetup organizer, you’ll still likely incur a charge for hosting the meetup at a bar/restaurant. I’ve found it’s more cost effective to find somewhere to meet for free and just purchase drinks/food for people.

I’m on a flight that’s about to take off, so I’ll be back with some additional thoughts! Hope this helps inspire ideas!! :smile:


I want to add to the wonderful writing of Sotros that another way to promote SAFE is direct marketing.

My efforts are aimed at the average person, for whom the internet is equal to facebook :smiley:

This average person does not know what a blockchain is and believes that Bitcoin /crypto currencies are a scam (because the Media told them so).

So what am I doing for this average person?

What I plan to do in the future besides these things?

  • I’ll start a SAFE HELP DESK
  • I will promote SAFE projects like JAMS!
  • And of course I will organize SAFE meetings in Bulgaria

What Dimitar is doing is incredibly effective, however requires lots of time.
Great job on the plan as a whole to the smallest of touches in the implementation - from concept to design and reach. The posters here were crafted perfectly to the initial target audience.
I’m glad he is spending so much time doing that.

P.s. hope I am not bumping a zombie thread.