How to get web hosting manager to work


I’ve installed the latest testnet 18 applications. I started the safebrowser and that works well. I created my account. everything is cool. Then I start the web hosting manager. It asks me in my browser to give permission. I give permission. Then nothing happens in the web hosting manager. All I have is the screen saying: “Waiting for Authorization”, etc.

I’m running this on arch linux.

Any suggestions?


Maybe close the web hosting manager and retry

Goodluck and keep trying, because once your data is on the SAFE Network magic happens :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not supported in Arch. This issue has been reported before.


The flavor of Linux is not as important as the desktop environment that you use, e.g. I think Gnome Shell on Arch should work fine. Could you please let me know which DE are you on?


Sorry for the epic delay…I’m not using any DE. All I have is i3.


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