How to get MAID out of & converted to btc ASAP



Hello support and everyone in the community. Participated in the ICO back in 2014 (2 or 3 btc I think) and my plan was to at least keep them till the network launches but going through a personal financial crisis and need some cash to keep the lights on.

I tried sending some maids directly from blockchain’s wallet (where they’ve been for 3 yrs) to bittrex on Friday but looks like only btc was sent (no clue-coins never got to the MAID wallet) as my blockchain wallet still shows the original 23K maid from the crowdsale. Here’s the transaction record -

Since getting the private keys from blockchain is so technical, is it possible to simply send the funds/sweep the wallet from blockchain’s wallet to a paper wallet like, then upload the private key from the paper wallet to an exchange (bittrex or poloniex) where I can trade them… or do I need to upload the paper wallet to omni wallet first, convert to btc, then send to an exchange? I’m really lost, confused and desperate here and I’m hoping one of you awesome maid supporters could help.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I truly appreciate it.



I didn’t know handled omni protocol tokens (MAID)

It seems that transaction was only BTC (which views omni protocol) does not see that transaction.

You might have to get the private keys and import them into 's wallet

That involves having the private key(s)

So firstly you need the private key for your bitcoin address

Then if needed reformat into WIF format on WIF format has the first char as “5”. You have to use WIF since 's wallet has trouble with other formats.


Thanks for the speedy response @neo - Yeah, back in the day (2014) most newbie’s sent their maidsafecoin’s from the crowdsale to as this was the suggested route offered by David. (Wish I had known about using a paper wallet back then)

So just to clarify, if I’m logged into my wallet, I can send BTC to bitaddress dot org without using the private key but if I want to send MAID to bitaddress dot org I need the pvt key.


Just found this for you

How to export your Private key from so you can import it into


Yes because cannot create omni-protocol transactions, so it cannot send your MAID at all.

Actually you do not send anything to bitaddress dot org That site is to create addresses and convert formats. omniwallet dot org is the wallet used a lot for MAID sending.


2-3 btc was traded for only 23000 maid?


That’s not possible indeed. 1 XBT probably. I remember getting that equivalent per XBT.


@foreverjoyful Here’s the record of three transactions coming into the account from the maidsafe ICO back in 2014, and the balance being 23K… unless I spend some unknowingly when I sent bitcoin but from what I hear that’s impossible.

April 25 2014 @ 12:08 AM
0.000055 BTC
April 24 2014 @ 07:25 PM
0.000055 BTC
April 24 2014 @ 06:43 PM
0.000055 BTC


Oh i see so it’s 23k maid per btc you spent im guessing. you have total 46000 maid :slight_smile: Can i buy your maid hahahah?

But yeah go to register a wallet, then click add wallet, and add the wallet by entering your private keys there and it’ll give you the option to send maid to any addy you like. Send to exchange if you wanna convert to btc asap.


By the looks he already did some hours ago and sent 10 coins (as a test?) and now has sent more. Also it looks like he spent 1BTC in the ICO


Hang on, if you have some coloured coins (omni protocol in this instance) and spend them to someone else as a standard BTC transaction then surely the coloured part is sadly lost, isn’t it?

The original UTXO which had the op_return data tracking the MAID balance is now no longer spendable as the host BTC have been sent on but the op_return hasn’t been chained over to the spending transaction’s output addresses. Or have I missed something clever about the way omni segregates the assets?


They were encoded on a BTC transaction. You need to send a tiny amount of BTC in order to even have a BTC transaction. You need the BTC transaction to be able to encode the omni-protocol “script” into the BTC transaction.

You need a omni node to be able to follow the omni-protocol transactions. This is what omniexplorer does.

Omni protocol does not need the BTC once the transaction has been confirmed. The omni-node is able to track the omni tokens irrespective of which BTC you used to send it. An omni node has its own database tables when running a omni node. An omni node’s database (blockchain if you want) is made up of the BTC tables + omni tables and could be rebuild from the BTC blockchain as the chain still records the transactions with the encoded omni transactions.


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