[How To]: get a completely anonymous MAID

By default, your entire MAID transaction history and balances are public. All transactions can be seen on block explorers like https://omniexplorer.info/, and anyone who knows that you own a particular address can easily view your payments, trace the source of your funds, calculate your holdings, and analyse your on-chain activity.

How to get a completely anonymous MAID:

Exchange your MAID for ERC20 MAID. Sell your ERC20 MAID for ETH. Use https://tornado.cash/ to anonymize your ETH. Buy back ERC20 MAID with the anonymous ETH. Now you have anonymous ERC20 MAID and you can exchange it for anonymous MAID. :jeremy:


  • “Before making your coins truly anonymous, its worth considering how easy it will be to turn them into fiat when you have some profits to take.” - @bones
  • If you keep the private keys of all the wallets you use for the transactions (the bitcoin wallets and the ethereum wallets) you can prove to everyone (exchanges and government) that you made these transactions and the coins are yours.
  • Always exchange only a small part of your money, because any intermediary (the ERC20 MAID token or tornado.cash) can be hacked or a sharp change in price happened. If you exchange only a small part of your money, you risk only small part of your money!

Of course maid is just like bitcoin, dimitar may have his ways.
Id say its far simpler to just follow satoshis advice.

Don’t re use addresses.
Don’t publicise your address.
These 2 things provide pretty good security.

Its all good and well having anonymous coins, BUT as I know very well from taking trading profits before, if your taking profit in fiat, the centralised exchanges can hold your fiat until you prove how you made it to stop money laundering.

So before making your coins truly anonymous, its worth considering how easy it will be to turn them into fiat when you have some profits to take.


The exchange where you bought the coins know who you are. Certainly in the future, if not now, this information is being shared with governments/third parties.

You can always exchange your coins for fiat in a local crypto group and not go through a centralized exchange when you decide to take a profit.

I added your advice to the first post, thanks. :dragon:

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Its alot of hassle / risk to get high 5 figure sums through local crypto groups IMO. ( to be expected when network is in the wild ).
You could easily be robbed compared to the ease of a centralised exchange.
I’m not bothered if the govt knows about me, I pay my taxes.

I do not understand what you are saying. What stops you from paying your taxes if you’re anonymous? It is a matter of morality to pay your taxes, not whether you money are anonymous or not. You do not know to whom the exchange sells your personal data behind your back.

So why care if the govt knows about you?

Also, if you cash out anonymously and want to pay your mortgage of, you’ll need to explain how you came across the cash anyway.
Which may not be so simple from an anonymous coin.

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Why do you want to have freedom of speech? You’re not saying anything bad, are you?

Governments are not initially good - there is communism, there are dictatorships. The freedom of every citizen allows us to have good governments. I want to have freedom of anonymous money.


And thats fine, each to their own.
I’m just happy to sacrifice someone tracking my crypto if it makes cashing out in bulk that much simpler.
If you don’t re use addresses and start sending between your addresses not much can be linked.

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Interesting to see, that 1 ETH is about same popular as 100 ETH while 0.1 not at all.

Wait, should’t the tutorial contain a link where to buy a timemachine and travel to the future to do that? Or some paralel universe machine, where in another reality ERC20 was actually already released? Or am I missing something and we have ERC20 MAID already?


It’s being tested in December, January. So it should be here soon. @DeusNexus Gave a brief update on it in the thread a few days ago.

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Don’t worry friend, I will use the power of the edit button to edit the past and add the missing information when everything is ready :lol:

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People don´t understand what governments are! Unfortunately only when i t hurts will they be aware of what an invisible dragon really does! I guess we have to go on living despite of many of us are still snoring out loud!

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Most governments are good, but what stops them from becoming bad is people’s freedoms.

The freedom of Americans to buy and walk around with weapons protects us from the emergence of a dictatorship in the United States.

At the same time, we must not forget that freedom can be taken away, so we must fight for it, regardless of whether we need it now.


I understand govts have a dark side.
But if I get a big lump of cash I want to be able to clear my debts.
Balance is everything.

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No it doesn’t.


I agree in principle, but it will be very difficult for the new dictatorship to establish itself successfully over time. The first thing the Communists did when they came to power was to seize people’s weapons. I’m sure people in the United States won’t give them away voluntarily… I hope we never find out who is right. A dictatorship in a superpower like the United States is very frightening…


The US govt officials / police have gone door to door seizing weapons numerous times in times of emergency.
If its give up your weapons or get into a gunfight with a better equipped opponent, its alot safer to just hand them over.
Plus, start a shootout you’ll end up being prosecuted and locked up.

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In my fantasy that personal weapons protect people’s freedom, the US federal government becomes a dictatorship and the local government of certain states fights it with the help of its armed citizens…

Any government has the means to become a dictatorship taking freedom away layer by layer , turning into a mafia that will controll everyone else´s lives! they will never force 300 million people in the US against their will all at once, unless there is a perfect excuse so people are afraid and trust governments naively, like in a pandemia case… we have seen other attempts to start a pandemic before… the mad cow disease, the swine flu… the chicken flu… the H1N1 flu… along with corrupt institutions this time they managed to almost crash the system…Once freedom is taken away , restoring it begs to a war… who will dare stop wearing a mask now? not only will authorities force you to , but an army of Karens will be there to make sure you don´t escape the “new normal”!