How to follow MAID and other altcoin in a browser

We have created website-based cryptocurrency portfolio, that allows anybody follow owned MAID and other main altcoins.

Coinparator, crypto portfolio (

TL;DR: Submit number of owned coins and their buy price. Website will track current rates + calculate gains/loses/profits + generate chart. If you own more than a 1 coin it’s a must. Since it will give you instant overview over you crypto investment.

A few points:

  1. free (fully, for everybody)
  2. anonymous (not even email required)
  3. easy (just submit 2 values)
  4. ads (there’s a single ad banner, nothing more)

Coinparator supports MAID:

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions how to make Coinparator better. Report any bugs or problems, that you’re facing while using it. And you’re also welcome to post feedback (both positive/negative welcome).

Post it either here into this topic, to my Private message or contact me via mail.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your replies.

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This is the main window. You can see all current rates, buy price, current price and profits of all owned coins:

And this is 1 of 7 available charts, that are generated for every portfolio.

Sorry for splitting it to so many replies.

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