How to farm safecoin

Hi guys,

I’ve read all I could find on farming Safecoin, but i’m a real newbie when it comes to this. Is there any interface that I can use, or what should I install before farming safecoins? So far what i’ve seen are just some hardware stuffs. I have 0 knowledge on codes and so on. Hope to get some help here. Thanks in advance guys!



Welcome to the SAFE network forum!

There is no Safecoin yet, and therefore, no farming yet.

This thread discusses the likely best farming equipment: Best farming hardware

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thanks bluebird. No wonder i couldn’t get anything. So can i say the current amount of safecoin out there now are all pre-mined and distributed?

The current amount of safecoin out there is 0, nada, zip. It does not exist yet as it hasn’t been coded yet. What’s out there right now is Maidsafecoin which is a token that can be traded in for safecoin 1:1 when safecoin is created and the network is launched.


The rain there is no Safecoin yet, as @Blindsite2k explains, is that Safecoin is not an altcoin but a while new kind of currency that doesn’t use a blockchain and will only exist on SAFEnetwork.

You arrived here at a very good time because those ready to farm when it launches are likely to be in a good position compared to later on when everyone is joining.


Thanks @Blindsite2k & @happybeing for clearing up my doubts. Should have signed up to this forum since last night. Had been digging all over the place for such infos but to no avail for the past 20hours or so.

Yea, I was kind of worried i’m already here too late, great to know i’m still early. Thanks again @happybeing!

Hey guys just want to bump this thread and see if there is any update on farming safecoin. Trying to search any software to farm.

The farming “software” will be the vaults component.

Vaults are undergoing a revision and not ready for users to run their own vaults.

We are in alpha, there is NO SafeCoin yet, not even TestSafeCoin, so no farming of (test) coins yet for a little while (how long is a piece of string)

There are weekly updates posted and the next one is in a few hours. In the #development category the previous weekly updates can be found. Can I suggest you read some of them to catch up to the current state of affairs.


Thanks Neo, greatly appreciate your due diligence and advice!