How To Easily“Mine” A Unique CryptoCurrency On Any Device for FREE…and The Best Part - It’s Already Valued At One Dollar ($1) And Growing!

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Fantastic @goindeep. ‘Fakebook and Instacrud’. Nice.


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

Sharing , and will make this my go to initial introduction reading for newbies.

Great stuff.


Yess! This is what we need!

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Great article. Couple points you should mention…

If The Network Isn’t Live Yet How Does Maid Safe Coin Exist Already?

You should include the chicken and egg problem. These coins that already exist solves the chicken and egg problem. Because without it, the network cannot function.

The 1 dollar is purely speculation. We don’t know how much 1 safecoin is really equal to until the network goes live. 1 safecoin could be .10 cents each if the network decides this so…

Good job dude, tweeted.

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i think the network only decides how much storage you can use with 1 safecoin, but the market decides how much is worth in USD. ???

We all knew that. But the reason why we use USD as a measure of value because the cost of the harddrive.

1tb = 100 dollars, then
each safecoin cost 10 cents
1 safecoin equal to 1gb

Network decides how much safecoin to pay the resource it takes. We take that unit of value, and price it.

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Thanks, i wasnt sure. Still trying to understand :slight_smile:

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Another thing is that if we scrap the USD all together, or USD collapsed… We could use safecoin to buy harddrives. If we do that way, it would make everybody life easier because it is easier to pay based on the resource instead of paying based on inflation with faith.

To clarify this, if you want to buy 2 pounds of apples, it would cost you .1oz of silver. This make sense because one would trade weight for weight.

But if you trade 2 pounds of apples for say… 10 dollars? How do we measure 10 dollars? What is it based on? What is 10 dollars? 10 dollars of what? That doesn’t make sense. get it?

This is no different for safecoin and harddrive. We would be trading resources for resources.

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The infographic is here on imgur for anyone to use

Alternatively DM me and ill send you the original files.

Also I posted the imgur link on reddit in r cryptocurrency

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