How to Download and Build Your Own House

Modular building technique builds 700 sqft structure, loaded with ecological features, in 5 days, for $25,000 in materials.

Marcin Jakubowski of Open Source Ecology and Catarina Mota of the Open Building Institute talk about how they are bringing their vision of an affordable, open source, modular, ecological building toolkit to life.


Does it have septic?

Seems to always be the kicker here.

Solar / water are always much easier to solve

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Not sure tbh.

ps. All the best with your software projects

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Not sure what you are saying.

When I built my place in a rural setting all we could put in was septic and not a problem. Built a garden on top of the drainage/evaporation grid. Easy enough to do. In AU we also see composting loos becoming more popular outside of the cities/towns.

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Just always seems to be the most involved part of setting up off grid.

Creating the structure and solar power system seem much simpler compared to installing an underground septic system.

If I were to set up this type of living situation, I think it would be the only part I could not handle myself

Septic needs land for evaporation pit. That is the major problem.

Otherwise do as I did, dig massive hole for 1000 litre tank, order concrete Tank, Get botcat to dig out the drainage pit ready for pipe grid. Hire drainer to connect loos to tank and lay the drainage pipe. Law here says a licensed drainer has to do the connections and drainage grid. Then back fill holes/pit

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Sounds a bit expensive?

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It does cost a bit for the concrete tank the rest is normal sewer piping. Council regs add a lot of costs.

Composting toilets have come a long way though and I think are a cheaper alternative and not messy now like they used to be.

But still illegal, correct?

Legal outside of sewage connected areas. They even have them in state forests at the camping grounds and outlook areas (not all but at least some)

But thats Australia/Queensland not sure about elsewhere.

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Cool to see such projects…
Nice website for its purpose by the way.

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