How to do transactions without

I’m not sure how Trevor works.
But with omniwallet they must be on the same address, not any address in your wallet.

So I’d send them to the exact same address to be sure of success.
You need the .00008 bitcoin in order to send the maid from that address.

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Send more than 8000 satoshi to the same address if you want to be sure you will have enough, because the fee is dynamic :dragon:


I think they are coming with Ethereum scan we can send money with maid e… Or store in Ethereum

The eth coin will be an alternative form, so cryptoidiot would still need to know how to move the Trevor maid if they wanted to swap them for the eth equivalent.


Well, for the ERC20 token, you should know that it is made by a person in the community, ie. with it you have to be very careful and use it only for small amounts that you are willing to lose. For long-term storage use the OMNI token.

By the way, will you have time to make an Indian language community site with me?

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I am promoting to my friends I have own network… And so many websites but I will tell you take help of YouTubers from crypto channel to boost… Before safecoin people’s are trusting less… Working products need then invest heavily after that and work backside of errors till safe network errors fixed… Then lock the network. It’s my suggestion… And give access to only admin panel of one owner where he can give role or fix the network maybe auto network auto replacement is hard to make…

I’m not sure you understood me correctly, friend. The community has sites translated into different languages: Local community Safe sites, forums and social channels. Do you have the opportunity to help translate the official Safe site into Hindi?


No I understand about translate

I can help but not 100℅

I succesfully transfer MAID to trezor, I dont like on omnitrezor only that, I cant choose transact fee. Thank u btw, great community


Do you think fee for transaction: 0.00002238 BTC will be comfirmed in 7 days? thanks

I would say thats a bit low, in most cases transaction fees are tax deducible anyway, so no reason to cheap out.

Can you translate how much you paid per B? I expect it was 9 bytes… Now it has to be something like 40 sat/B to have a good chance to be processed in 12 hours.
The last week looked really bad. The last chance to get it through with 9sat/B was January 7 at 15:30 - since then no chance!

Watch here Johoe's Bitcoin Mempool Size Statistics

In my estimation, I give it odds of 70% it will go thru in 7 days.

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@cryptoidiot, your transaction should be processed now.


Looks like your right.

transactions was cancelled, so I send again with bigger fee