How to create Wallet?

I’m not understand how to create a wallet? And where is official online wallet MaidSafeCoin? I known MaidSafeCoin syncronize with Bitcoin address, that’s true?
Why Developer not create link online wallet at official site?

you can import private key there:

2min short video can give you hints how omniwallet works + import private key


Maidsafe doesn’t have a wallet because SAFEcoins doesn’t exist yet. Maidsafecoins will be exchanged 1:1 for SAFEcoins when system is built.

This is how i bought and stored my maidsafecoins.

Deposited bitcoin on
Exchanged BTC for maidsafecoins
Created a paperwallet on offline
Withdrew maidsafecoins from poloniex to my paperwallet( bitcoin address)
Checked to see my maidsafecoins balance.

When i want to send maidsafecoins to someone i use


There is no specific wallet since MaidSafeCoin is not the currency that people are looking for. It is a proxy coin that is going to be exchanged 1:1 in Safecoin once they are released.

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I was understand with Bitcoin and Paper Wallet and i like paper wallet that’s very simple and secure wallet than other any wallet. But the explanation on the official website of MAID does not lead directly MAID it can synchronize with Bitcoin. If it is explained, people will quickly understand. I see many people not familiar with MAID wallet because the developer is less wear explanation. But I liked this coin, if so technology is built.
Thanks for all

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Actually it´s pretty simple. You need a Bitcoin-address, that´s it. People can send MaidSafeCoin to that address. Of course, if you only have a common Bitcoin Wallet, you won´t be able to see those MSC, but they remain there.

If you what to send MSC or simply see them easily, then you can use Either you create your wallet there, or you import the private key to which MSC have been sent.

Since the ICO is over, people nowadays buy their MSC at an exchange. I left mine there and only recently sent them to an Omniwallet. It´s pretty straight forward, no need for tutorials. Just register and store your coins. Once Safecoin is released, there will be official wallets, but it will certainly take it´s time. I don´t even believe it´s going to be this year…

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I’m having a little issue…

I got some MAID stuck in my omni wallet because I can’t afford the btc transaction fees :frowning:

if someone can send like 0.10$ worth of btc to this 1GmqPcAKPdJ65UkW8JV7gNxs6zfmkcBY5S

that you’d be really appreciate !!! please !!!

How can I see the MSC on my omniwallet?

It doesn’t show.

Does the address show a balance when you look it up in a block explorer like Check to make sure that you imported the address correctly into Omniwallet.


Yes it does! Thank you.

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