How to create immutable data using existing API


Playing with the idea of recording chess games to MaidSafe. Once a game is played, I’d like it to public for all and undeletable. Just wondering how to create immutable data using the existing API: /nfs/file/:rootPath/:filePath

Also, I’d quite like to try a different approach and create some structured data with a type (say .pgn representing a chess game) - how do I register a type for structured data?



Nope. Wait for Discuss Proposed - 0016-launcher-data-types-api · Issue #77 · maidsafe/rfcs · GitHub. Otherwise you have to communicate w/ safe_core directly which will impose its license on you.

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No need to wait - the launcher will allow upload of files and that’s enough to get started. Files can be swapped out for key/value immutable data later if needed, but that may not be necessary.