[How To]: Create a forum for your local Safe :happyant: community

I can add your forum to my email account and you will not pay for sending emails. Write me a personal message if you need help :love:

We changed the edit restrictions for different levels of users because there are bots that post a topic in the forum with normal content and then edit it to add harmful content / links. Your user’s restriction has been removed.

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Thank you!!

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Hi @ElsieDee,

the forum moderators decided to lock your account to level 1, which is limited in the ability to edit posts, so if you decide to continue posting in our forum you will have to comply with this restriction.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Hi @Dimitar

Thanks for letting me know! I’m not familiar with a level 1 lock? Is that the same as my account before the membership was granted? I was able to edit for 2 weeks before It was gradually and sequentially reduced to 2 minutes…prior to my sudden suspension for ‘being in the wrong place’ - its all slightly ridiculous and it seems that @sasha didn’t appreciate my viewpoints on a number of topics - and instead of participating in the conversation properly chose to misuse moderating powers…interesting that this misappropriation of capacity has gained general consensus - whilst I think its petty, tedious and obstructive - and particularly disappointing behaviour on a forum primarily dedicated to the discussion of a network ostensibly dedicated to the promotion of freedom, privacy and security…I am indeed aware that further discussion of anything moderator related belongs in Meta so will leave it here and work with my level 1 lock - which will be easier to do when I am aware of the parameters.

Thank you again for explaining what has happened. You are the first moderator to do so. As ever, much appreciated.

Best wishes


As a Trust Level 1 – Basic user your account has the following rights:

  • Use all core Discourse functions; all new user restrictions are removed
  • Send PMs
  • Upload images and attachments if enabled
  • Edit wiki posts
  • Flag posts
  • Mute other users

You can find out more here:

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Thank you @Dimitar I genuinely appreciate the clear definition, transparency and visual aid. It makes all the difference.

It seems the level 1 status is exactly what I had before - and yet my editing function was formerly approximately 14 days. What are the exact restrictions on editing for a level 1 user? I accept that ‘indefinite’ is reserved for members - and whilst 30 minutes is an improvement on 3 - is there a genuine reason why my editing capacity has been reduced to half an hour?

I would like to ask to have it restored to its former duration, prior to the gradual reduction.

Many thanks

Edit…I have just read the discourse info. It seems after 3 1/2 years posting on the site, having given 1.8k likes and received 468, created 824 posts and read 8.2k…being granted level 2 membership, however short lived was well overdue…it seems 30 days was listed as the editing time - but no information on the duration for basic users…
As I said, formerly I was able to edit for 14 days. I would like to request this is restored.
Many thanks

There is nothing in the information

please excuse me there is a problem - I just tried to edit the last sentence - ‘there is nothing in the information’ which was an incomplete sentence - but the page wouldn’t load. What I wanted to write was 'there is nothing in the discourse information about the duration of edit function for a level 1 user - though formerly I was afforded 14 days. Thank you.

Your account is locked to level 1 - currently, all users level 0 and 1 are limited to the ability to edit up to 30 minutes after posting:

Privacy. Security. Freedom

Thank you - but I was at level 1 before right? And able to edit for 14 days. The box you have just shown me is adjustable. I was granted level 2 for one evening - although the discourse material clearly states:

Members keep coming back to your community over a series of weeks; they have not only read, but actively participated long and consistently enough to be trusted with full citizenship.
Get to trust level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Casting at least 1 like
  • Receiving at least 1 like
  • Replying to at least 3 different topics
  • Entering at least 20 topics
  • Reading at least 100 posts
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

My Current stats are:

  • 345 days visited

  • 17d read time

  • 2d recent read time

  • 498 topics viewed

  • 8.2k posts read

  • 1.8k likes given

  • 1 bookmark

  • 73 topics created

  • 824 posts created

  • 468 likes received

@dimitar I have been on this forum for 3 and a half years - I have accrued a number of pointless badges including some rare ones such as 3 famous links…to add to my 3 anniversaries…its a little sad to find myself asking to have my basic membership editing function restored to 14 days…I appreciate your efforts to be as transparent as possible under the circumstances and I realise that there is some kind of group consensus over these petty restrictions, but I am merely requesting that the box you displayed has 14 days restored into it…

Thank you

Your account is limited to level 1 because the forum moderators have decided after discussion that you are using our forum for your own purposes, which have little to do with the Safe Network. The links you cite, for example, have nothing to do with the project:

My personal opinion is that you believe that the things you write have something to do with Safe and you are not malicious.

Privacy. Security. Freedom

Thank you - in the midst of all this I really appreciate your willingness to communicate what is going on behind the scenes.

I was attracted to this site as I believed in the principles behind the network and believed that it would help defend against the increasing online censorship. With no network and a group of forum moderators deciding after discussion not to address the behaviour of a moderator issuing suspensions on a personal whim - I am finding it difficult to comprehend how the slogan still applies when censorship is actually being promoted…

I appreciated the opportunity to post in off topic. I can’t say I ever felt welcome anywhere else for any length of time. I was as surprised as everyone else that one post on Albert Pikes Three War letter gained the amount of interest it has - it wasn’t due to advertising on my part. With 233k views it is one of the most popular threads on this site and only shows that I am not the only person to find the topic interesting. It seems that I was somehow held responsible for the overwhelming interest when all I did was discuss a topic I found interesting and still do - particularly in light of the developments over the past few years since I posted it.

Now look, I can understand if I had posted it in marketing or community. But please check the other content on off topic right now and tell me in all honesty that any of them are directly related to the safe network. They are in off topic for a reason. I considered it a safe space to discuss politics and the world at large. But as time goes on ‘Safety’ is not a word I can continue to associate with the forum or the non existent network.

Its all highly disappointing.

This forum is dedicated to discussions about a product in which everyone will be free.

But the forum itself has rules and goals, it is not the Safe Network. If you want to use this forum you agree to its rules. One day, when Safe exists, everyone will be able to have their own place to post no matter what others think.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Ok so to close this discussion - my account is limited to level 1 because of malice

On a forum where only certain people are considered free, where moderation is dependent on nepotism and personal whims.

Which are adjusted to suit the situation - hence an odd restriction involving editing functions that can be altered at will

We needed it already. And it didn’t materialise in time. I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic when I arrived years ago. Slowly but surely, between the suppression of free speech on the forum, the apparently purposeful and rather successful alienation of members with viewpoints not echoing the mainstream narrative, and the absence of the long promised network - I am already totally disillusioned with both the project and the forum. The slogan sounds totally hollow at this point.

No-one knows how the network will operate under the increasingly austere restrictions placed on the internet - particularly after the inevitable outages following the cyber pandemic exercise. The potential for its complete misappropriation is staring us all in the face and could prove to further assist in the ever increasing tyranny the worlds population is currently being subjected to. Far from providing any solutions the networks eventual actualisation could prove to be even more detrimental to the freedom and security of us all. Absolute privacy for despots is a potential disaster. Face facts. After years of being told, soon, soon - The network wasn’t ready in time to assist us in any tangible way. And in the absence of a viable product, the forum has descended into a elitist farce.

People are free to post what they think without risk of interference, as long as they are members of a particular clique, involving a number of moderators.

This is beyond double standards. It smacks of complete cronyism.

I would like to say that in the midst of this I still appreciate and respect your willingness to communicate.

With best wishes to you @Dimitar

The rules shift and change depending on who is administrating them to whom. As you can see, the rules of the forum clearly state that I am eligible for at least level 2 membership. At least. Sadly, the day you granted it I actually thought it was some kind of positive affirmation of my placement in the forum community and not a ‘trust level’ I should have been granted years ago - as per the rules. It lasted for a few hours till I received a sudden suspension in an obvious display of petulance and petty misuse of limited power…

I have appreciated the space to discuss an array of topics in off topic, and apart from recent membership on a number of resistance related telegram groups - have not been a subscriber to any other forums. I thought this one was genuinely safe in spite of some of the more unpleasant exchanges I have encountered here. And only ever due to the subject matter - usually concerning the various ways and means utilised by elitist despots in their concerted and contrived effort to totally decimate and subjugate the worlds population. None of this is news to the millions marching for FREEDOM around the world.

We are all under siege. The forum may be a microcosm but it is still a significant platform for international discussion and whilst there were still many people willing to participate in the discussions here it was still worth being in attendance.

Now, unless you’re a member of an elitist clique, the forum is an unwelcoming and hostile environment that fails to encourage debate or intellectual exchange. It is very sad to see and I wonder how many valuable contributors have been systematically squeezed out of any meaningful participation over the years.

For all those who have encouraged debate and inclusivity, my thanks.

For all those who have sought to make the forum into a small club for a select few - your work is done. But you could have just started a WhatsApp group or a telegram group or perhaps even a Facebook group as it is clear that your views would have been thoroughly welcomed by Zuckerberg and entirely congruent with his overall aims and objectives.

The onslaught we are all facing truly demands some kind of unity.

I initially asked to have an editing function restored to 14 days, which is perfectly achievable and in keeping with a level 1 status. My request still stands.

With overall disappointment, but with thanks and best wishes for the future


The letter is supposedly written in 1871, “nazism” or national socialism, was officially established in 1920. Hows that work?

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Hi @Dave_G
That is a good point often made - There are a number of differing viewpoints on the origins of the letter itself - though it would appear that the overall content is congruent with the aims and ambitions of historical and current conspirators attempting to establish a New World Order. Contrived conflict and chaos are required to expedite its implementation and many people agree that the current global situation is indicative of WW3 already underway…
The thread appears in off topic which is better suited for the subject matter - I will provide a link to the particular post involving an excellent exploratory article regarding the origins of the letter itself but otherwise feel its time for me to take a step back from the forum and focus on preparation for the months ahead. Good to hear from you and best wishes!

Oh thats easily explained - the shapeshifting lizards who control the New World Order and live in a hollowed out volcano under the Isle of Arran mastered time-travel as well - or so David Icke told me - or was it Elsie Dee?

Hard to tell with all these shape shifters around…

As you are already aware I consider Icke a clear example of controlled and controlling opposition whose role has always been to hijack the narrative, derail true investigations into elitist power structures - and promote Luciferian theosophy. Seems he has been rather successful as this is the second time you have confused my perspective with his. Back in December I sent you a reasonably light hearted overview of Ickes role in promoting occult obsessed elitist folklore - they neither descended from a superior alien race nor shift shapes, but represent a genealogically interrelated cult, stemming from the Venetian black nobility, who adhere to a vile fusion of doctrines combining Luciferianism, Sabbatean-Frankism, Jesuitism and Red Hat Sect Tibetan Buddhism.
These murderous pedophiles founded freemasonry in order to serve as an administrative arm, ensuring that the visible sect remain in ignorance over the true nature of the organisation. Invisible sect freemasonry provides much of the practical structure for practising their horrific rituals involving routine child abuse and murder.
Icke is a professional shill - only ever commentating on sport as a precursor to his eventual high profile role leading people astray in the freedom movement on behalf of the depraved, eugenicist elitist cult.

But @southside we have already discussed this. And no, I don’t think you are a ‘Dugpa’. But I do think you like negative attention and choose to attempt to incite people into providing you with some - unfortunately in this case it is particularly transparent as we already covered the ‘Icke’ issue over 6 months ago…

Off topic is now almost exactly the boys club you envisioned, so enjoy the space and all the best for the future. I recommend everyone to get their family as close by as possible as further lockdowns are not only likely, they are inevitable. And what is to come will make the past 18 months seem like the dress rehearsal it has been, The establishment of a NWO based on platos three tiered fictional republic is no laughing matter - a ruling class, trained in the occult, ministering over an entirely subjugated population, held in check by an enormous hoard of stuffed uniforms…transhumanism offers more options for total control. ‘Depopulation’ is a sanitised term for democide. The real chaos has not even begun. We all need to prepare.

Stay well, be strong. And please don’t be coerced into submitting to further injections.

Best wishes to you.

what all of this have to do with HOW TO create a forum for your local safe community???