How To Create A Censorship Resistant Website?

Hi Guys,

How possible is it to create a censorship resistant website using the SAFEnetwork?

If I have a .CA (Canada) top level domain, is it possible to use the SAFE network to create a website that is out of the reach of censorship and traditional domain registrars from blocking the website?

Thank you all for your help.


Yes, that is one of the main purposes of the SAFE network. Don’t think that you would be able to link it to your existing domain in an uncensorable way, but SAFE has its own version of DNS. Basically you have an account on the network, and public and private folders within your account. In your public folder you can upload a folder containing your website. This website is then chunked, encrypted, and uploaded to the network. From that point on it is uncensorable. The network will keep copies of the chunks live such that the website will always be accessible. Users can access it via the safe web browser via safe://mysamplesite.paleus for example.