How to counter law enforcement criticism of MaidSafe


This is a brilliant example of criticisms of SAFE that we can expect from law enforcement, and a great rebuttal of them - from Bruce Schneier, one of the few guys who has sat for days reading the Snowden documents (to help GlennGreenwald understand them).

We recently saw attacks on Apple and Android, for tightening up device encryption, making it harder for anyone to steal your data. This catalogues the criticisms and demolishes them, so will be very useful when SAFE faces similar “but paedophiles” propaganda.

It’s delicious! :slight_smile:


NSA Surveillance and What To Do About It - Bruce Schneier

We’ll see if Schneier is a good guy, once he starts talking about ProjectSAFE…I think this will be the big test for the folk putting themselves across as the good guys.

“Governments must come to understand that a secure internet is in everyone’s interest, even if China does not play along”