How to claim an Invitation to enter safe browser?

I learned that the “Trust Level 1” = Basic is require in the “” to access to the “Authenticator” in the “SAFE Browser” and the state of the user account in the forum update automatically.

  • entering / visiting at least 30 topics
  • reading at least 180 posts
  • spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

I archieved the requirements.

Where i can find and check my user level?

Account/Settings/Summary (at the bottom)

Double click on your avatar

How i get the invitation now?

  • choose testnet


  • set your ip and get the invitation code

  • go to “SAFE Browser” Authenticator and enter invitation code. Fill out the Account Secret


  • Fill out the Account Password


Youtube Tutorial


Double click on your avatar. You are Trust Level 1 (same as basic). Now you need to go to, set your IP address and copy the invite code. You will need to paste this into the appropriate box when you create your account.

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I am posting just in case something will trigger my trust level :slight_smile:

You are already trust level 1!

where do i find my invitation token?

You’ll need to download the SAFE browser and it will tell you.

But also in a web browser log into this forum, and then get your invite from and use it while creating an account in the SAFE Browser.

So two browsers which is a bit complicated, but necessary until we have spam protecting built into the network.

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I archieved the requirements but not Trust Level 1

You are at level 1 now

when I try to get into the SAFE network,it told me

did you click the button?


Yeah, that’s because your IP has changed since you registered (perhaps you were at work/home and then moved between them).
All you need to do is, as @dirvine nodded at, is click the button.
The reason for this is to stop the network being spammed during the Alpha phase. When the network launches this won’t be required as spammers would most likely find it too expensive in Safecoin.


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