How to cancel transaction of MAID coin


I had my MAID coins on my paper wallet with some BTC for transaction fee. I wanted to transfer MAID coins but I am idiot and I stopped thinking and I send it to my Binance BTC wallet address. The transaction is unconfirmed now Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH

Is it possible to cancel the transaction or did I just lose all of it? :frowning:

Thank you guys for your help.

Damn…but anyway, thanks for trying to help! I hope someone here is knowledgeable enough to help me

I am noob really. How exactly to do it?
this is my address where I had 461 MAID + 0.00100546 BTC which I used as a transaction fee (0.00000546 BTC from this was some OmniWallet fee). Now I have nothing on this address. I sent it to 15XuJwBkykvhJ7j23bsqQqVZ2S5Eg61iKC (my Binance BTC address)

Now I should send some BTC to 1KdZTfEL8hMJbJLyiHFmoQCa2Bo4Som21p and then from this address I should send how much (with how much fee) to what address (again to 15XuJwBkykvhJ7j23bsqQqVZ2S5Eg61iKC ?)?

So I will send for example 0,05 BTC with higher fee to some new address than MAID transaction, it will be confirmed faster and that will make MAID transaction canceled, is that correct?

He is saying that you need to drain that address of ALL btc, so the Maid transaction will not have any btc to pay it’s fee and so should fail. Send btc plus high fee so btc quickly processes out of that address. Sum of sent btc plus fee needs to completely drain address of all btc

Ah okay now I get it, thank you very much for your help guys

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